Ranks & Structure


🔰 [FOUNDER] – The founder rank is non-negotiable. It holds all top level ranks in our chapters, for the most part. Founders are responsible for administrative functions and overall community management. They are also responsible for real-life funding of websites, voice servers, expenses, giveaways, etc. etc.

🔰 [GUILDMASTER] – The guildmaster serves as the final decision maker in most matters, other matters require a “Trinity Vote” (which is a vote of 1 GM and 2 Co-GMs). They are responsible for all aspects of game play and character/player development for the game they GM.

🔰 [CO-GUILDMASTER] – The co-guildmasters take very specific verticals that they are in charge of — could be crafting, could be PvP, could be financials, etc. etc. They assist the guildmaster in making decisions for those specific verticals on behalf of the guild.

🔰 [SENIOR OFFICERS] – Senior Officers are TLP members that have been part of the community, not just any one chapter, for a period of one year or more that wish to take on a leadership responsibility defined by the Trinity.

🔰 [OFFICERS] – Officers are trusted TLP members that have stepped up to lead very specific areas of our guild management for this chapter only.

🔰 [APPRENTICES] – Apprentices are folks that retain their regular member status but are either in training to become an officer or simply wanting to help out in some way or fashion that’s pretty specific.

🔰 [SENIOR MEMBERS] – TLP members that have been part of one or more of our chapters for longer than 6 months become Senior Members.

🔰 [FULL MEMBERS] – Any member that has passed their 30 day trial member can be promoted up to Full Member. Guildmasters may put additional requirements around what else constitutes such a promotion at their discretion.

🔰 [TRIAL MEMBERS] – Any new applicant that has recently joined the guild or are looking to join the guild. They are on trial for a period of 30 days, in which time they are not allowed to have access to certain channels or information.

NOTE: Your in game rank can be anything that is deemed necessary for you to perform a certain job or role, but the ranks that really matter are the ones you attain within the community itself. ⚠


🔸[TOP RANK] — Danitsia (Founder) – The top rank will always be maintained by a Guild Founder from the TLP Gaming, Inc. organization. Danitsia will hold this rank in both Betas and come Live Launch. She will manage the alliances and provide administration support.
🔸[RIGHT HAND] — Eckhart | VanHalen | SlipperyWhenWet (Guildmaster) – Eckhart will function as main Guildmaster, focusing on PvP and GvG.
🔸[RIGHT HAND] — ElysiumUS | ElysiumFarm | ElysiumHelp (Co-Guildmaster) – ElysiumUS will function as Co-Guildmaster, focusing on City Planning and Financing.
🔸[RIGHT HAND] — Cips (Co-Guildmaster) – Cips will function as Co-Guildmaster, focusing on the PvE and guild building efforts.
🔸[MASTER OF COIN] — Temporary Rank Only – Awarded temporarily to anyone the GM and Co-GMs need to place in this rank for administrative purposes. Anyone placed in this rank will be demoted back to their original rank once their need for the rank is completed.
🔸[WARMASTER] — Senior Officers of TLP and/or PvP Officers that are trusted to manage our war/territory declares.  In game this rank allows members to manage GvG wars.
🔸[OFFICER] — Officers that are in charge of very specific areas of guild leadership.  Officers are able to invite new members by either the INVITE button or via the guild mail applications.  Officers and above are also able to log into our websites to review incoming applications and have the ability to log in and manage our guild accounts.
🔸[GUARDSMEN] — Guardsmen are senior members of TLP.  Members that have been part of the guild through various chapters and are seen as mentors to our community.
🔸[MEMBERS] — Members that have passed through their recruitment phase and show to be active, participating members of the guild. To be promoted into the Member Rank you need to have been a trial member of TLP for a minimum of 30 days (4 weeks). Members do not have to pay the 10% tax on guild buildings and have access to our private guild island for discounted gear/resources.
🔸[RECRUITS] — Trial Members – Any and all applicants that join TLP; members are charged a 10% tax on all buildings in our main guild island and/or city market buildings and do not get access to our private guild island.