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When The Going Gets Tuf – Albion Online

When The Going Gets Tuf

There is always something to be said about the power of the internet. ¬† After so many decades doing this, the MMO thing, ¬†I can truly say that there are people in the world that will undoubtedly disappoint you. ¬†But just as stark a contrast¬†are the people that you bump into that will also inspire you and touch your heart. ¬† I have had the amazing pleasure to make some very long-lasting friendships across the world, ¬†as part of TLP. ¬† The people you see here, in this screen shot… ¬†I am so proud to say embody those friendships. ¬†All for very different reasons! ¬†What we have here in this guild, in this gaming family, cannot be easily duplicated. ¬†And there is a real strength in that. ¬†One that far supersedes mere pixels on a screen.¬†

Corathan (Nick) has been at my side through thick and thin stemming back from Ultima Online.  We developed such a close friendship that when he needed a change in his life, outside of his own small world, I offered him a stay at my home in NY.  To let him experience something other than where he had been most of his life,  helped him understand himself more and grow as a person.  He truly is one of my best friends.  He will always have my back and I know that to be unequivocally true.

What can I say about my boy Demoneyes? ¬†He brought me into Albion Online, but even before that when I first met him in ArcheAge, ¬†we connected on the mere fundamental truth that we were both South American! ¬†He’s just a fun, lively, carefree guy. ¬†He just likes to have fun! ¬† I introduced him to a whole other world through TLP, introducing him to my friend Garvey and helping him get set up with streaming. ¬†I invited him to join Nick (Corathan) and I (and Eckhart, Cips, and more of us) to TwitchCon 2016 and it was a time that none of us will soon forget. ¬†I will always support all that he does and goes for!

Ahhh my quirky little co-GM Elysium — the cat lover. ¬†He has truly been at Eckhart’s side for nearly two years now. ¬†He saw past what other people would tell him and made his own decisions about the friendship he had built with Eckhart, despite the many haters. ¬†He has done more for our chapter than most, ¬†always helping others, ¬†always helping the guild, and always bringing his oh-so-poignant sarcasm to the mix. ¬†The truth is we truly love him and value him as a person and friend and we couldn’t do any of this without him!

And ThugLife — you know he was part of our original Beta 1 chapter and then he decided to part ways with TLP for a while, along with Tuf and others. ¬†But he¬†has returned to TLP because he has learned that there are things far more important than being number one of a leader board in a game. ¬†His loyalty to Tuf and his friendship with him means a lot more to him than the pixels in any game. ¬†That’s admirable and I can’t wait to get to know him better. ¬†I can definitely see all his virtues clearly now. ¬†But everyone grows, everyone learns, and what is life if not opportunities to do just that!

Finally, there is the big guy… Tuf. ¬†I’ve grown quite close to Tuf, ¬†I know last beta was a difficult time for him personally and when its just me and him in a channel talking, ¬†he knows that I truly understand him. ¬†I have had my own shares of hardships in life very similar to what he went through. ¬†But to honor those that he cared for so deeply, he has stood his ground here to stick it out with us in TLP despite what may come. ¬†We’re such good friends that we can hurt each others’ feelings and still be able to say, “Hey that hurt my feelings.” And we’ll talk about it, forgive, and move forward. ¬†I really value that. ¬†Even when other people who called themselves his friends let him down, he didn’t let that get him down… he just got going; pushed forward. ¬†There is little that I wouldn’t do for him. ¬†If he ever needed my help in any way, ¬†I’d move mountains or rather icebergs. ¬†Even from allllllll the way up there where he lives in SIBERIA! ¬†<3

At the end of the day, ¬†these games that we all play come and go… but friendships are what can last lifetimes. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, ¬†this gaming community can and will have a lasting impact in your life if you let it and value it!

<3 Dani


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