Reflections and Recollections: Part 1

valis-razele_kit-harington_3Dancing light played upon the walls before them. Warmth radiating outwards as the flames consumed the logs and while the wind roared past outside, inside Naomi was content and unafraid.

Curled up upon her grandfathers lap, her head pressed against his chest as she played with the ankh he wore. She smiled, it was such a pretty thing and Va’lis had promised her one of her very own when she was older.

They had been this way for the past hour, the only movement was her own as she switched to a new spot and struggled to stay awake. Isonu and Venora had taken Yukina to speak with some important person in Tokuno. Luckily, she grinned to herself, she had managed to get Va’lis to come by and watch her.

Studying his face always made her wonder for at times it was hard and cold as stone, and others it was soft and gentle towards her. She was glad he was safe, but she also knew he could take care of himself. He was strong, stronger than Isonu and she knew her father trained for hours on end every day.

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Love Drunk

tumblr_mpjzngdrmK1syqnvro1_500Just as I thought, Papa wasn’t very impressed with my costume for the ball, but having kept it secret from him until the last minute meant I was able to wear my new dress! I felt like a real princess when I arrived and got to kiss my frog prince. The way Zach stared at me as we danced was thrilling, and his touch was intoxicating. We kissed and I forgot everything else… I wanted more.

Eventually he led me away from the party, and to the largest ship I have ever seen. We boarded, and in no time we were sailing along the coast. It. Was. Breathtaking. The water was still and smooth as glass, reflecting the clear skies and making it seem as though we were sailing through the infinite stars… It was magical. Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love Zach more than I already do, he comes up with something that makes me fall for him all over again. 

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Can never catch a Break!

I knew it was risky, but I had obligations in Wind I could not bypass tonight. I donned my newly repaired armor and headed out to the Caverns I spent my entire life in. I quickly met with the Professors and made sure I had everything lined up accordingly. I knew I would not return until after the threat against my family had ended. I said my goodbyes, bid my students farewell and walked around for a while. I found the apartment I spent most of my childhood and vampire life in. the apartment that Va’lis and I had shared for so long. I smiled at the memories, because even though a lot of it was bad, there was always the good to remember.

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Blood and Darkness

The water pressed in all around us as I was dragged through and under it.

Light, lost in the murky depths, barely illuminated our bodies as for many minutes or hours I was carried off. Barely conscious, my mind focused on Naomi and Venora and my sister. Trying, trying to keep their faces strong in mind. The loss of blood and trauma however had different ideas, and the darkness came upon me strong once again.

In the lightless realm, the dreams came strong and fast.

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Recovery and Retaliation

infirmary-vamps-lairPandora paced back and forth in the infirmary of Vamp’s Lair where she was recovering from her wounds.  She had been brutally attacked by three very ancient, very deadly vampires.  She had held her own, but alas… they would have bested her, had it not been for Va’lis, Cassius, and Flavius.  They pulled her out in the nick of time, but they would be dammed to go home empty-handed. They went back in and risked the ancients summoning the rest of their ugly lot.  Against a pack of them, they would have all perished. But Pandora would not be leaving that dreadful mountain without Isonu. Isonu, who was good, just, and fair and so much a reflection of everything she wanted all her sons to be. No… her heart would not allow it.  And somehow they did it.  Isonu was now in my infirmary, recovering, but he had not regained consciousness yet.  This worried me. Worried her.

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A Razele Nonetheless, Pt. 2

the-mines-tokunoVa’lis summoned all his strength knowing I was not at full capacity. Using his Blood Magic, he was able to take out the youngest of them, which was a half-breed — how dreadful it must be to have your own blood incinerate you. Stefan and Illyana Draco would be much much harder.  This duo had been fighting for years together, they had it down to a science.  But luckily, I have the blood of Enkil in me… so even tired and half-drained, I’d still be one hell of a challenge!  They didn’t expect me to be so strong, the shock of my blows clearly adorned their faces. So they went after Va’lis… and well, me… sure come at me all you want, but you do not touch my family! With a ferocious hunger, I ripped through them as Va’lis used his greatest Blood Magic abilities to immobilize them enough so that I could rip their hearts out… one at a time.  Drenched in blood, we both pressed on knowing we had but minutes….  tired, and growing weaker and weaker by the minute — especially Va’lis whose powers draw on his own blood — but we couldn’t stop. We had to get Isonu!  A few younger guards accompanied by the Yomotsu came at us, we had to fight!

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A Razele Nonetheless

My eyes lit up at the sight of poor little Naomi cradled in her mother’s hands at Monticello.  I could sense the rise of Va’lis’ rage as he turned on his heel.  I demanded of Cherry to lock down the line in Monticello to get all the Razele’s in the house immediately!  I followed Va’lis out as he ported over to Zento.  We looked around and found traces of a fight just outside the city by the docks…  we followed it.

Finally, a large pool of blood that I could smell was Isonu’s greeted us at the edge of the south western shore. Va’lis stopped. “They’re gone… and took him.”  he said. “But he’s alive, right?” I paused for a moment, “Right? Va’lis.”  He stopped looking over the water, “Yes, I feel him still.”  With that, I started to strip to my bare necessities, Va’lis stood looking into the water, where you could see the traces of blood into the mist. He looked to me, “What are you doing?”  As I unbuckled my Gucci skirt letting it drop on the grass revealing my armor, “What does it look like I am doing? I am going after them!” Va’lis shook his head, “I am afraid I cannot let you do that.”  “Let me, Va’lis,” I smirked; he sighed. He knew he couldn’t physically stop me, “Go fetch Flavius, Cassius too.  I’ll need our elder vampires.” He just looked at me, as I walked backwards towards the edge of the water…. I disappeared into the water.

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Not What’s Mine.. (part 2)

I was halfway to my feet by the time Cassadee reached me. Everything hurt and the world seemed to sway a bit, but she had clearly taken the worst of it. Seeing that it was mostly determination and her concern for me that kept her upright at that moment, I wrapped an arm around her waist and half carried her the short distance through a couple of teleporters as Erika stayed behind to check for any additional threats.
The climb to Monticello’s front door felt much longer than I remembered and by the time we reached the top it was all I could do not to drop this little red-headed beauty who had captured my heart so completely. Fortunately, as we were coming in, others were coming out. Cherry took her from me and helped her to the couch, offering some blood to speed her recovery. I followed, noting that the room was fairly crowded for a change, and vaguely noticed mention of another attack. Once it was clear that Cassadee was going to be fine, Cherry looked to me with a frown and said I looked like I needed to go lay down.
Three steps from the couch, everything seemed to spin. As I lifted my foot for a fourth, the ground leaped upward and the world went black.

Not what’s mine…

I held my loves hand as we made our way back to Monticello. I’ve never felt these feelings for a mortal man before, but my God I will never regret being with him. We agreed to wait until we could have a family together first… be married.. allow him time to age a bit more before I turned him. He would be my first.  And quite possibly my only.

Ariok looked to me with his beautiful eyes and smiled. “Think we can go home for a bit of…private training?” If my heart held a beat it would have fluttered. I grinned and pulled him to our home. Our safe haven. Upon opening the door I felt something wasn’t right. And at that moment I wish I had not asked Arioks guard to take a break.

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Hell fire and Brimstone

Three days, Armand and I searched for that little whore for three fucking days! Until finally Ana sent be word through our Razele blood that Krystalee was safe and hidden by Va’lis. She’s lucky, I’d have beat her down and pulled her back to Monticello by her pretty blond hair. I looked to Armand who took my hand and kissed me softly.

“Let’s get home my love.” I shook my head, “I want to check on Zachary and his family first.” As we made our way to the farm I heard a whistle and a sickening thud. I looked to Armand to see an arrow stuck in his gut. I felt instant rage as he hit his knees. I then heard a female voice, “Kill the little red head Razele bitch.”

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