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Harvey Daniels – Ultima Online

Harvey Daniels


Full Name: Harvey Daniels
Birth Name: Harvey Daniels
Origin: Heartwood, Sosaria
Birthday: ~1675 AD.
Hair Color: Silvery Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2″
Weight: ~200 lbs.
Markings:  Nothing outstanding.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Elf
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum (Cherry Spy)
Mate: None.
Coven Rank: Citizen
Order House: House Romanus
City: Vamp’s Lair
True Age: 340
Years as a Vampire: 65
Apparent Age: ~70’s
Masquerade Use: 90%


Harvey is a bit eccentric, eager, impetuous at times, and loyal.

While Fed:  Silvery gray hair, blue eyes.
While Hungry: Skin is starkingly pale, the blue in his eyes would grow dull and dingy.


– Cherry Spy, Sire
– Va’lis Razele, Protego et Sire-Father

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