Strangers in the Dawn


Pandora taken?!  Yes!

A band of ancient vampires with half-breed slaves ransacked the Palisades Compound in Paris, France while she was visiting with her daughters and Armand, her sire-brother. The stormed the compound looking for “Those That Must Be Kept”.  Pandora quickly took her daughters underground and gave Armand clear instructions to get them out; back to Sosaria with their father Marius. Armand wished to stay with her and fight but for Pandora it was direly important that her daughters be safe.  She quickly wrote a note for her beloved husband, kissed her daughters goodbye and rose up to the ground floor to encounter her fate through the cries and beckons of both Saralyn and Brelynn.  Her eyes were fixated on Armand, “Save them ‘mand!”

Armand did as he was told, taking the girls and fleeing the compound to find the other portal hidden in the deep north. He trusted that Pandora, one of the most powerful ancients he had known would clear out the compound and return to Sosaria to plan her revenge.  But, Saralyn escaped!  Escaped the safety of Armand’s care and left her sister Brelynn behind.  “No, Bre… you must get to Father! You cannot come with me. Father needs you!”  And with those parting words to her sister, she left into the night.  She went to search for her mother… but it would be the last time we would ever see her.


Get Pandora back and avenge the death of her daughter!


Strangers in the Dawn


Strangers, ancients… they’ve come to take them, my love. As I write this, they are burning Lola and her children from their coffins in the break of the dawn’s light. The twins were sent away, fleeing for their safety. No one must know what they are. I tried...Read More »

A Gruesome Delivery


Marius and Memphisto sat discussing the business at hand. That business is finding Pandora while keeping Those Who Must Be Kept safe from falling into the wrong hands. As such Marius and the ancients of his coven have put a plan in action to move the King and Queen to...Read More »

A New Task


Today was a tough day. Having to tell my surviving daughter, Brelynn that her sister was killed was not easy. Oh how I wish my Pandora was here to properly console her, I feel unequipped. It was a devastating blow. From the note left with …. well… *tries...Read More »

A Service for Saralyn

Church of the Sun

A service is scheduled for the interment of Saralyn de Romanus on August 23rd, at 9 o’clock in the eve’ by the Eastern skies at our city’s Church of the Sun.

A short service, officiated by Amroth Plinius, will begin shortly after followed by a private moment with the de Romanus family. The...Read More »

A Clue Among the Blood Stains


We gathered at the Tavern to talk about our excursion.  I was late.  It seems that trying to find adequate progeny in this land is proving to be a difficult task. I have been lurking about, surveying the land, trying to find someone that might be worth the journey.  I...Read More »

Forensic Report on Subject #VL277


Cherry Spy and Kagome’s find in the Blood Dungeon while they looked for the whereabouts of the so-called others was dropped off at my office for extensive detail. The request coming from our sovereign, Marius de Romanus, I put myself to quick work.

My initial suspicions were correct, the body was...Read More »

The Resurrection of Va'lis Razele


Well it has come to this.

I am afraid of what the future will hold for our kind and our anonymity should this get out. However, it is a risk I am willing to take.

After Vandion revealed to us that the body found in the Blood Dungeon as we searched for...Read More »

The Journey to the Truth Is So Much Sweeter


The gift that I had acquired for Va’lis was Davian Pasteur.  We had had him extradited to Vamp’s Lair from our fortress in Night Island off the coast of the Keys in Florida back on Earth. He was not told of our plans to resurrect his former master, so obviously...Read More »

Rescue from Darkness


It was time.

Time for the assault on the Lich, deep within the Abyss. Pandora was there. I…We… were certain of it. Marius and myself had glimpsed the place within my traitorous childes blood, but who knows how long ago that knowledge came to him. But still, we were...Read More »

If It's War They Want...


It’s war they will get.

I do not think anyone will be prepared to see just how powerful I truly am.  After over 2000 years of this life, whatever life it may be, there is little I have not yet mastered. My favorite of which is my Fire Gift; the spontaneous...Read More »

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