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The Spy Family – Ultima Online

The Spy Family

Centered around the turning of four sisters,  the Spy family has a very unique and long standing tradition of living their lives as an united family, in all lineages.  That means that all mortals and vampires live together, meet up frequently, attend family reunions (usually in Berlin, Germany) and are very close.  That also means that the mortals of the family keep the secrets and help establish ongoing identities for their vampiric kin.  They would die rather than to expose their family.   Below is a synopsis of how it all works and the ruleset by which our role play of any Spy character is designed.

‚ē§ ~*~*~*~ ABOUT¬†THE SPY’S¬†~*~*~*~


The Trinity refers to the three sisters, outside of the one that you directly originate from, that are available to you to chose as a sire should you ask for the Dark Gift.  You may only ever be turned by one of the Trinity,  no outsiders may turn you if you are a direct descendant of the Spy family.  Distant descendants may be turned by others but then lose the right to stay in the family circle. If a Spy is turned by another,  they are completely exiled from the family.   Any vampire of House Romanus that turns a Spy mortal will face the true death.



The Spy sisters have a lineage that dates back to Maharet and Mekare Renavatziah. ¬†As such it is possible that characters that are DIRECT DESCENDANTS (only direct) may exhibit the gene of the Twins that holds the key to the Elementalism abilities. ¬†It can be dormant or activated, depending on your choosing. ¬† It is also much more probable that the FEMALES exhibit this characteristic than the males of the family, but while its very very rare, its not unheard of. ¬† Due to the genetic connection, ¬†often females will have the traditional “RED” hair and green or blue eyes… various shades of red are acceptable… and blonde hair has also shown up a few times. ¬†Males will more often have Khayman’s dark black hair and stark blue eyes.


The turning of any Spy character from mortal to vampire at the hands of the Trinity almost always includes a ceremony that is lavish and only includes DIRECT DESCENDANTS.  If a distant descendant is turned, then only his or her immediate family can be invited to the ceremony.  The following are the rules of turning within the Spy family:

  1. All Spy vampires must seek the permissions of their sires (one of the Sisters) to turn anyone outside of the lineage.
  2. Per the usual laws, turning a mortal into a vampire requires a certain level of points in the Turning Gift that can only be acquired with any degree of success at around ~100 years.
  3. No Spy vampire may turn a Spy mortal, including their own children or grandchildren.  Only one of the sisters can.
  4. All mortals turned must be under the age of 55.
  5. If a Spy mortal choses not to be turned at all, their wishes must be respected at all costs. This is often difficult and requires many of the Spy vampires to be present to ensure the passing of their family member is respectful.

In case of an emergency, they are brought to the sisters for turning. ¬†Mortals can have a “living will” registered with the Order of the Talamasca that says which sister they want to be their sire in case of emergencies, otherwise the sisters will make that decision for them. ¬†Mortals without a “living will” are to be allowed to die their mortal deaths otherwise without intervention. ¬†Often, mortals that wished to be turned are killed or die instantly, ¬†there is nothing we can do for them at that point.


For all intents and purposes, the Spy family is registered as a sub-family of House Romanus under House Plinius, which is Amroth de Plinius, who is the sister’s sire and originator of all vampires. ¬†Marius de Romanus is the sisters’ grandsire as he created Amroth. ¬†The family is deeply devout in the foundations of the Order of the Talamasca and follows all the rules exclusively and to the letter. ¬†With the exception of Ruby, ¬†none of the sisters have ever face a tribunal or broken any laws of the Order. ¬†Ruby is a treasure hunter, she’s spunky, she’s defiant, she’s faced a few tribunals in her time and has done the time for her crimes.


spy-family-markMortals within the family live very everyday lives.  The get married, have children, buy houses, travel, pay taxes, and die.  They are made keenly aware of the family legacy at very young ages, usually before puberty.  They are also sworn to secrecy and they are marked at the age of 13 with a tattoo on their left wrists.  Only DIRECT and DISTANT DESCENDANTS of the Spy sisters would exhibit this marking.  The sisters themselves do not have this marking because they were turned before they could effectively tattoo themselves with the mark.  However, with the Serum abilities that might change and the sisters can finally have the mark of the family.



Mortals would be very close to their vampiric family members are see them often. ¬†They would know that Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin is the home of all the sisters and the main headquarters for the Spy family, in addition to the home of Amroth and Esmeralda de Plinius. The palace was bought by the sisters collectively and each sister has their own wing of the palace. Almost all Earthen vampires have rooms that they call home in this palace. ¬†The palace also has an underground series of tunnels and hidden rooms for the newer vampires to live in as the Earth’s sun is deadly to vampires.

They would also know and respect the Romanus family.  Mortals would know of them but seldom interact with them, while the Spy vampires would live with them often times knowing each other quite well.  Many of the Spy family would serve in the Romanus Legions under the command of Cherry Spy.  They would consider that an honor and often choose that as their path.


This lore has been created specifically for this guild by Maria Espino (who plays Pandora and also occasionally Maharet and Mekare in game), loremaster.  Changes to this lore once written would be reviewed the by the lorekeepers, who for this lore is Sue Patterson (who plays Bianca Solderini and Maharet and Mekare in game) and Adam Carter (who plays Armand).