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Subguilds – Ultima Online


We maintain several subguilds in UO for various purposes.

Guild Name (Abrev.] Description Website / Alliance / Wars
Royal Britannian Guard of Umbra [RBGU] The RBG is one of our most involved sub chapters.  We run the RBG Alliance of Regiments, which our three guilds are a part of,  in addition to the RBG regiment of Luna that is headed by Lord Alfonso. http://www.royalbritannianguard.com
Alliance: RBG [RBGU, RBGB, RGoM, LRBG]
Warred: Romanus Family Alliance & Many Other RP Guilds.
Restricted: RBG Regiments outside of the RBG Alliance will remain BLUE to RBG Alliance Guilds.
Royal Britannian Guard of Britain [RBGB]
Royal Britannian Guard of Minoc [RGoM]
The Draconians [OotD] The primary adversaries for the Romanus Family that many of us have characters in to be able to PvP with each other. http://draconians.childrenofdarkness.com
Alliance: None.
Warred: Romanus Family Alliance & Many Other RP Guilds.
CoD, Jrs. [JRs] This guild was created so that we could invite any young folks under the age of 14 to the guild without having to let them have access to our main guild chat which can sometimes be bawdy and raunchy. No Site
Alliance:  Romanus Family Alliance
Warred: The Draconians
Cult of the Fallen [CotF] No Site
Alliance: None
Warred: Romanus Family Alliance & Many Other RP Guilds
Order vs. Chaos RPvP Theme – ORDER [OVCO] http://www.ordervschaos.org
Alliance: Any Order-Alligned Guilds.
Warred: CHAOS
Order vs. Chaos RPvP Theme – CHAOS [OVCC] http://www.ordervschaos.org
Alliance: Any Chaos-Alligned Guilds.
Warred: ORDER
City of Britain [CoB] A stone kept from back in our olden days to run events out of the city of Britain. Alliance: None
Warred: None
City of Moonglow [CoM] A stone held by Va’lis Razele as governor of Moonglow. Alliance: None.
Warred: Romanus Family Alliance & Many Other RP Guilds