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Guild Rules – World of Warcraft

Guild Rules


Every guild has them,  here is what is expected of you when you are wearing the TLP tag.

1) No excessive trolling in public or private channels; avoid personal attacks on others at all costs.
2) No use of derogatory words in public or private channels; especially the “Words Off Limits”.
3) No willful interruption or malicious actions towards other groups/guilds even when provoked; just walk away. (An Eye for an Eye Leaves Everyone Blind)
4) No griefing players in PvP encounters. Allow all players to resurrect, heal up, and re-engage at full capacity. We do not RESS KILL in this guild.
5) No rage quitting raids/events. Other folks count on you to be there!
6) Scheduled raid events require all members to be Repaired & Prepared.
7) Engage in guild chat, voice chat, and all our other social media avenues to stay CONNECTED with other TLP community members.
8) No cheating, hacking, or gambling is allowed. Nothing that is wilfully against the Terms of Service for WoW.



  • The Right AddOns for the game, specially those that communicate to the Raid/Event Leader.
    • Deadly Boss Mods is a must if you cannot conquer certain mechanics.
    • HealBot is a must if your healing is falling behind the curve.
  • Completely repaired (all armor and weapons).
  • Completely prepared with all the potions, food, consumables, usable items that are needed to be effective.


DEROGATORY WORDS in general should never really be used with MALICIOUS intent. And frankly there are a few words that should NEVER be used, PERIOD. we will start with these two:

– NI**ER
– FA**OT

(and we hate even WRITING them, but replace * with a G).


Escalation in our guild follows a certain structure when encountering issues among its members.

The guild policy to date centers around¬†INTENT. If the intent is to push buttons, cause discomfort, or otherwise slander a person or group, we¬†have been known to immediately REMOVE said person from this guild, without escalation. Just a GKICK in the pants. ¬†So that can still happen. Traditionally we follow a “Three Strikes” rule and that goes as follows:

1st Offense: Warning made through mail messages and/or private messages.
2nd Offense: 1:1 with the Guild Leaders, possibly a 3 day suspension from guild chat & TeamSpeak/Discord.
3rd Offense: 1:1 with the Founders, possibly a GKICK.

After that it’s an immediate GKICK.