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Leaders – World of Warcraft


We have two chapters of this guild; an US-based guild on Bleeding Hollow and an EU-based guild on Twisting Nether. ¬†Nearly four years ago, we received a pass¬†from Blizzard to move one character from US servers to the EU servers to join into top-end raiding guild that became quite famous. ¬†That guild has since decided to change its core style to appeal to the streaming audience more than the raiders. ¬†Our members did not agree with that change and decided to return to TLP. ¬†Now we’re working on getting them back to the US-based servers, but its a slow process.



Guildmaster: DANITSIA
Battle.Net: Danitsia#1306
Email: dani@tlp-guild.com
Skype: mariza092174
 Guildmaster: OCNARIAN
Email: oc@tlp-guild.com
Co-Guildmaster: CIPZ
Battle.Net: Cips#1552
Email: cips@tlp-guild.com
 Guildmaster: ZYLIAH
Email: zy@tlp-guild.com
Co-Guildmaster: {Ocnarian, Post-Move}
{Zyliah, Post-Move}
{Zhou, Post-Move}
 Guildmaster: ZHOU
Email: zhou@tlp-guild.com
Senior Officers: KENNAE
Email: kennae@tlp-guild.com
Senior Officers:
Officers: YASUMOTO
Position:  Class Leader Officer
Email: yasumoto@tlp-guild.com
Class Leaders: DANMACHI
Position: Druid Class Leader
Email: healjob@tlp-guild.com
Class Leaders:
Role Leaders: Role Leaders: OCNARIAN
Tank Leader
Damage Leader
Healer Leader
Raid Leaders: Raid Leaders: OCNARIAN
Team Titan
Team Demi-Gods
Raid Assistants: VITALIZER
Position: Raid Assistant for Team Olympian
Email: ripslayer@tlp-guild.com
Raid Assistants: