Aquapolis Crawl!

October 17, 2016 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM America/New York Timezone
FC House Mist
Kei Kusanagi

Come join us for an crawl in the Aquapolis! Bring your Dragonskin Maps! The more maps the more chances  of getting into Aquapolis and getting to the last room!

Who: Anyone with a level 60 War or Magic Class

What: Doing Dragonskin Maps to open portals to Aquapolis

When: 10-17-2016 from 8PM to 10 PM (EDT)

Where: Meeting at the FC house and going from there!

Why: For mass loot!


Those who frequent one of Eorzea’s many crowded pubs may have heard tell of a certain master thief, in whose long and illustrious career were left countless collectors cursing the gods for their misfortune. Amusing as the stories often are, most dismiss them as cautionary tales, mere parables against material greed. But if there is a kernel of truth in them─if indeed there was a thief who filled an ancient aquapolis with unimaginable wealth─then perhaps the map you hold will lead you there…


Toot Table

Chamber 1-3: Crafting Materials, Special Crafting Materials, and Materia

Chamber 4-6: Special Crafting Materials and Materia

Chamber 7: Special Crafting Materials, Orchestrion Rolls, and Materia

Rare Rewards: Special Crafting Materials, Minions, and Glamour Items

For full list of drops please click here.

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