FFXIV Lalafell Tossing Contest: Swimsuit Edition 4/25/2017 9 PM CST

April 25, 2017 @ 10:00 PM – 11:30 PM America/New York Timezone
Costa Del Sol (33.4,30,6)
Xeno Lockheart
Xeno_Lockheart#1982 (discord)

WHEN: Tuesday April 25th @ 9:00 PM CST
WHO: Entire Faerie Server
WHERE: Costa Del Sol (33.4,30.6 ) talk to Xeno or Lan

TLP members may register their team at anytime in Discord.

We welcome all of Faerie to get suited up for the beach, and join us in a game of Lalafell tossing! All you need to do is bring a party of four, including at-least one lalafell, in your favorite swim gear and be prepared to have fun! Not a Lalafell? Don’t have a party of four? No problem! Just come suited up and we’ll get ya started in tossing Lalafells off of cliffs into the friendly waters below! Don’t want to participate? Then come cheer on your favorite potato shaped friends to glory!

Grand Prize

Want a new small house in Stormblood for your team? It’s on us! Or use the money to decorate your current house! With 4.25 million gil at your disposal, your new dream home or renovation is waiting for you and your friends! But that’s not all! Each winning member will get to pick a 5 dollar housing item of their choice from the mogstation to be delivered to you via mog-mail!

Participation Drawings

  • Play Dead Emotes
  • Phials of Fantasia
  • Zu Mounts
  • Dye Packs
  • Minions

One lucky TLP-FFXIV participant will win a KH3 Pre-order!

*Must be a Full Member or above to be able to win this prize


  1. Obtain a Party of four including one lalafell and be in swimsuits! Register at the designated location or in advance in Discord. Registration closes at 9:15 PM CST. The competition will start shortly after.
  2. We will move to a more secure location to play! Be prepared to move after we shout the location!
  3. Your team Lala will receive a PM to go to Xeno or Lan. 
  4. Xeno’s team will “toss” their lalafel (run and jump). Lan’s team (except their lalafell) will attempt to toss themselves farther!
  5. Lan’s team will then toss their lalafell and challenge Xeno’s team to jump farther.
  6. Whoever gets the highest score wins! In the event there is a tie, whichever team has the highest cumulative score up to that point wins! Drawings will happen throughout the entire event but most will happen at the end!
  7. Continue the bracket till we have a first place winner!

NOTE: Don’t have a party of four? Come anyway! If we run out of Lala bodies to donate, we will randomly pick Lala’s that can be on multiple teams! Whaaaaat! awesome!

Bring good sportsmanship and have fun!



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