FFXIV Leadership Meeting 10/17/2016 – 8 PM CST

October 17, 2016 @ 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM America/New York Timezone

FFXIV Leadership Meeting 10/17/2016 – 8 PM CST

Be in the FFXIV Discord by 8 PM.

WHO: Senior Officers and above + Reggie and Syn, and any guest raid SOs or higher (former or present) from TLP. (We really could use your input!!!)

WHAT: We are going to hash out a concrete battle plan for raiding. The ultimate goal is to finalize logistics. The key is to attenuate to the unique needs of our guild, final fantasy XIV raid style, and to avoid logistics problems. Lastly we’ll form a base for continuing to grow the raiding community within our guild so we always have backups growing and ready. All of this will be consulted with outside help as well to bring new ideas.

EFFECT: We will have a formal plan to present at our next guild meeting (will be the following week) and we’ll introduce our two new raid leads at this time as well. The plan will go live the following week and will be posted in both discord and our website.

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