FFXIV Raid Academy: Alexander Gordias 1 Savage

June 15, 2016 @ 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM America/New York Timezone
Xeno Lockheart

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (CST)

LEARNING PARTY – goal is to drill down each mechanic as much as possible. We will wipe on purpose to enhance phase progression and learning efficiency for new players/raiders.

Be ready to go 15 minutes early

WHO: Raiding Academy Linkshell Members

WHAT: Alexander – Fist of the Father (Savage)


  • item level 200+
  • Watched the MTQ-Capture Video Guide: https://youtu.be/ldtNxxoVH5M
  • Defeated Alexander Normal, and finished the unlock quests
  • Have joined the Raiding Academy Discord PRIOR to 7:15 PM (CST)


  • We learn for an hour, using the forced phase wiping method (a raiding method to enhance learning speed and efficiency). Thus, wipe when it is called, even if things are going well.
  • You must be able to listen to us in discord, even if you can’t speak back.
  • You must be ready and available for the full timer, but be willing to rotate in and out to allow others to learn.
  • There are no breaks, since its only one dungeon timer. Do all your “break” stuff before we go in.
  • Be respectful, patient, and about LEARNING or MENTORING. If we sense poor attitudes during the learning process you will be promptly removed from the raiding Linkshell.
  • People have “off nights” sometimes. If your performance is consistently lower than 70% of what your role should be doing, we will have to replace you if you are the sole reason we can’t practice new phases.
  • If you are removed from the above, please watch the stream to learn. We want you to learn. We’ll work with you after the raid to clarify things, practice rotations and scenarios with you, rotate you back in, etc. Don’t be down on yourself for the natural learning process.
  • If you don’t give up on yourself, have a positive attitude, and are always wanting to learn to be better, we’ll never give up on you.


All Players

  • Place Green AOEs on edges, never under the boss, or under lasers, this includes tanks!
  • Stack during “Air” phase on the mark called out, and move with the marked player.
  • When Missiles land, they put out an invisible AOE. If you are near a laser when missile lands you will get mini’d!
  • Avoid giant LINE AOE’s from both bosses best as possible!
  • Stack on “C” to place the first set of green puddles (except the main tank).


  • Bosses need to be outside the circle edge on the floor, they CANNOT be close to each other.
  • When alarms sound, off tank taunt the boss, and main tank run to back of the room.
  • Always leave enough room behind you to drop Green Puddles away from boss.
  • Use general cooldowns and Healing Up cooldowns during Prey to help out healers. Use a major cooldown during tank buster after Prey.


  • The fight is mostly burst damage, not chronic damage. Most Damage is Tank or Prey damage.
  • Save all healing CDs for Prey and tank busters. Rely on regens to keep party alive while healing up after tank busters!
  • A single heal and a regen is usually enough to keep a Prey target alive, after that focus on tanks!
  • Never drop a green puddle in the middle of the room! Never get mini’d!

Damage Dealers

  • Stop DPS on your boss at 10% health left and help catch up the other if needed. Bosses need to die nearly at the same time.
  • Blow every CD off cooldown during the first phase (one boss). This limits time you will be in second phase which requires twice the damage (two bosses). Goal is to be well below 60% health before second boss spawns.
  • AOE down the first set of adds.
  • You will have to drag one of four adds to a laser beam. Only kill it after you brought it to a laser to reduce the damage of the missile – THEN GET AWAY FROM THE LASER!!!
  • Drop puddles to edges of the room.
  • one melee and one ranged DPS assigned to each boss.
  • Melee gets LEFT add (your perspective facing the boss) ranged gets RIGHT.
  • Melee drags add to closest laser to their boss, ranged take it to the next closest to their boss.
  • Use personal defensive cooldowns if you get prey.
  • When not in add, or green puddle phase, stay within or at-least on the edge of the circle to receive heals.
  • Keep an eye on others adds. Help them if necessary before returning to bosses.
  • Pop ALL available CDs right AFTER tank busters. This is the longest non-interrupted period of damage dealing (most want to right after air phase, but don’t do that!).

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