TLP-AO Pre Launch Guild Mandatory Meeting (ALL Members)

July 16, 2017 @ 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM America/New York Timezone
TLP AO Discords

NOTE:  Please let me know AHEAD of time if you cannot make this meeting due to Real Life commitments by emailing me at

Pre Launch Guild Mandatory Meeting

  • A detailed review of the Launch Plan that is emailed to all of the members that completed the Launch Roll Call.
    • Dani will introduce the key points and ask for feedback, so be sure you read through the plan.
  • A walkthrough on how to use our DisCal bot and how to signup for crawls and GvGs.
    • Dani will present a demo for us all.
  • A walkthrough on how we are using our Master Spreadsheet to keep track of all we do
  • Squads and how we will be using the idea to help us progress faster through the tiers.
    • Cips will lead this program.
    • Airman, ArcherBullseye, Demoneyes will be his officers.
  • GvG Teams — Introducing our Captains for Go Live, and how to sign up for spots.
    • Tuf will lead the convo on this.
    • Tuf, Eckhart, and Kia will be running teams.
  • Duo Teams — Green zone “baby PvP” for those our members that need practice.
    • ArcherBullseye will lead this program.
  • Open World Roaming Team — creating a consistent roster for roaming in open world.
    • Eckhart and Demoneyes will be raid leaders.
  • Gathering requirements and crafting.
    • Dani will lead this program.
    • Introduction to the “Gather Squad”.


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