Guild Rules

We don’t have lengthy or complex rules here at TLP. Above all else, we ask that you try to be respectful of others and be a good community member during your stay. These are the guidelines we use to ensure a friendly and welcoming community:
🔴 TLP-BDO’s Discord channel is 18+. No exceptions.
🔴 All members must be tagged with their assigned role; if you are missing a tag, ask an officer or GM to provide you with one.
🔴 Be as respectful as possible to those you play with while still having fun. Joking is okay, trolling someone repeatedly is not.
🔴 Don’t spam the voice or text channels.
🔴 Push-to-talk is mandatory unless otherwise specified
🔴 Excessive trolling is not permitted.
🔴 Racism, homophobia, religious slurs, etc. will not be tolerated.
🔴 Please ensure that you’re at least a member of the main TLP Discord, too.
🔴 Above all else, don’t be a prick!