Launch Comes on September 28th, Finally!

It is finally here. We’re less than ONE WEEK away from the launch of New World and we can’t wait. We finally get a game that we can all come to and enjoy together. There has been such a drought of MMO content for so long that we got buried under a pile of dust. So many of us went to our old games like Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, or Black Desert Online. Some of you that played beta with us saw a bought of depression after the beta ended because you missed the game. New World certainly is a BEAUTIFUL game! #BringOnTheGFX

We will be having a final pre-launch Guild Meeting to review and tweak our Guild Launch plans for Tuesday the 28th, and I personally have a few keys saved up for the game gifted to me by the publisher (which Amazon is one of our official partners so I foresee getting some more in the near future) but as always I want to be sure I take care of the TLP’ers that can’t afford this game. If you are in such a situation, please reach out to me directly on Discord via PMs and I’ll help.

See you all on Saturday at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST / 9 PM UTC for our meeting and on to the LAUNCH!

<3 Dani

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