Chapter Goals


“To provide a stable environment for all our members to play, share, and interact with each other leading to lasting lifelong friendships and to become one of the best top 10 rated PvP guild on Albion Online, while still maintaining a tight knit core of friends who can have their voice openly heard without harsh judgements. To always try to lead by example.”



✅ Establish strong 5m GvG Teams for Hardcore PvP.

✅ Establish strong Raiding Teams for PvE efforts.

✅ Successfully take and defend black zone territories.

✅ Build guild and personal wealth by making smart decisions.

✅ Continue to establish and promote TLP as a community by recruiting more players to join us.

✅ Protect TLP’s reputation and brand within the confines of this game.

✅ Dominate All Areas Near Redwater Bend