Ranks & Structure

:capital_abcd: [IN GAME RANKS & STRUCTURE] :capital_abcd:

:small_orange_diamond: [TOP RANK] — Danitsia (Founder & Guildmaster) – The top rank will always be maintained by a Guild Founder from the TLP Gaming, Inc. organization. She will manage the alliances and provide administration support, which includes managing taxes, guild events, buildings, market stations, and city siege/defenses in her role as guildmaster.

:small_orange_diamond: [RIGHT HAND] — Tuf | Tuff (Co-Guildmaster) – Tuf will function as Co-Guildmaster, focusing on PvP and GvG.

:small_orange_diamond: [RIGHT HAND] — Cips | Cipss | Cipsss (Co-Guildmaster) – Cips will function as Co-Guildmaster, focusing on the guild’s PvE efforts.

:small_orange_diamond: [MASTER OF COIN] — Temporary Rank Only – Awarded temporarily to anyone the GM and Co-GMs need to place in this rank for administrative purposes. Anyone placed in this rank will be demoted back to their original rank once their need for the rank is completed.

:small_orange_diamond: [WARMASTER] — Senior Officers and Team Captains/Raid Leaders – Senior Officers are our most trusted officers that serve in multiple chapters. They usually are in charge of making sure officers are doing their jobs and/or filling in for roles that are either missing or have folks that are AFK for a short duration. SO’s are also in charge of community events and can invite members to the guild.
– Captains of the GvG Teams hold this rank for the sole purpose of being able to declare against territories so that they can initiate GvGs. They can also invite members to the guild.
– City Siege/Defense Raid Leaders hold this rank for the sole purpose of being able to declare against cities and castles. They can also invite members to the guild.

:small_orange_diamond: [OFFICER] — Officers and Apprentices – Officers and Apprentices that wish to focus on non-PvP combat related activities, such as PvE and/or recruitment, guild building, etc.

:small_orange_diamond: [GUARDSMEN] — Senior Members – Members that want to be put into GvG teams and/or Raid Teams but are not yet highest meta and are still working on getting gear and/or skill to be effective in GvG’s and Raids. Guardsmen are usually available at least 5 of the 7 days of the week and are putting in a good 20+ hours per week into the game.

:small_orange_diamond: [MEMBERS] — Full Members – Any and all our members that have been active within the guild on a continual basis for longer than 30 days. To be promoted into the Member Rank you need to have been an active trial member of TLP for a minimum of 14 days (2 weeks).

:small_orange_diamond: [RECRUITS] — Trial Members – Any and all applicants that join TLP are on a trial period of max 30 days.

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:capital_abcd: [ORGANIZATIONAL RANKS & STRUCTURE] :capital_abcd:

:beginner: [GUILDMASTERS] – The guildmaster holds the top rank in the game as far as organizationally. When a founder isn’t the GM, they may hold a secondary in game position but still function as primary GM. The GM has all the final decisions made for every aspect of the chapter, including but not limited to PvP and PvE. The Senior Officers that are in charge of community usually will report directly to the GM.

:beginner: [CO-GUILDMASTERS] – The trinity consists of one GM and two Co-GMs. Each Co-GM will usually focus on one specific area but can be in charge of many. They will act as GM when the GM is unable to be online and all Officers report to them. Together with the GM they make all final decisions on the management of the guild as a whole and then each one makes decisions about their respective areas.

:beginner: [SENIOR OFFICERS] – Usually highly trusted members of the TLP Gaming community that have been part of the organization for over two years and have served as officers or above in multiple chapters. They will be able to fill in for roles that are either missing or have folks that are AFK for a short duration of time. SO’s will also lead efforts to create global events for our community.

:beginner: [OFFICERS] – Officers will have very specific roles to oversee and usually report to the Trinity. Our standard roles for Officerships in Albion Online will be Recruitment Officers, PvE Officers, PvP Officers, Guild Building Officers, Building Management Officers, and Finance Officers.

:beginner: [APPRENTICES] – Apprentices are people that either wish to learn what the responsibilities for officerships are and eventually want to be promoted into officer roles or folks that just want to help in very specific, small but impactful ways.

:beginner: [CAPTAINS] – Captains are people that are focused entirely on building a 5v5 GvG team and seek to exclusive run their team without any responsibilities as leader of the whole guild.

:beginner: [SENIOR MEMBERS] – TLP members that have been part of one or more of our chapters for longer than 6 months become Senior Members.

:beginner: [FULL MEMBERS] – Any member that has passed their 30 day trial member can be promoted up to Full Member. Guildmasters may put additional requirements around what else constitutes such a promotion at their discretion.

:beginner: [TRIAL MEMBERS] – Any new applicant that has recently joined the guild or are looking to join the guild. They are on trial for a period of 30 days.


:warning: NOTE: Your in game rank can be anything that is deemed necessary for you to perform a certain job or role, but the ranks that really matter are the ones you attain within the community itself. :warning: