0⃣ FOUNDERS: @Danitsia dani@tlp-guild.com (Represents the Community Vote)
✅ Overall Chapter Management & Break Vote When Needed
✅ Holds Brand Name & Founder Status
✅ Pays for All Administrative Needs
✅ Interfaces With Game Developers and Partnership Relations
✅ Manages all alliance relations; moderates the alliance meetings.

1⃣ GUILDMASTER: @Eckharteckhart@tlp-guild.com (Represents the PvP Vote)
✅ Carries the structure, working with TLP Founders to ensure chapter success.
✅ Represents all PvP related matters, making decisions based on guild feedback and input.
✅ Works with the PvP Officer to establish adequate coverage for all our 5m GvG efforts.
✅ Helps to establish teams and works with members on running Hellgate groups.
✅ Works to set up PvP Skirmishes that educate and teach members the essentials of PvP combat within Albion Online.

2⃣ CO-GUILDMASTER: @ElysiumUSelysium@tlp-guild.com (Represents the Finance/Crafting Vote)
✅ Works to establish and organize a team of crafters that minimizes waste and increases efficiency.
✅ Manages all buildings, market plots, territories, etc. for our guild.
✅ Works to delegate the right responsibilities to the right people for property maintenance.
✅ Works to increase our overall guild wealth; managing who is set as “Master of Coins” and for how long as well as marketing our gold.
✅ Works with the Financiers to ensure we have the right tax rates, fundraisers, and other guild financials to support our guild goals.

3⃣ CO-GUILDMASTER: @Cips  — cips@tlp-guild.com (Represents the PvE Vote)
✅ Works to organize guild-wide PvE events a few times per week, delegating responsibilities thereof as needed when not online.
✅ Assists recruitment officers with establishing new folks with Discord and acclimating to the overall guild structure.
✅ Works with new members helping them to get into fame farm groups and other PvE endeavors.