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Final Beta – Albion Online

When The Going Gets Tuf

There is always something to be said about the power of the internet. ¬† After so many decades doing this, the MMO thing, ¬†I can truly say that there are people in the world that will undoubtedly disappoint you. ¬†But just as stark a contrast¬†are the people that you bump into that will also inspire you and touch your heart. ¬† I have had the amazing pleasure to make some very long-lasting friendships across the world, ¬†as part of TLP. ¬† The people you see here, in this screen shot… ¬†I am so proud to say embody those friendships. ¬†All for very different reasons! ¬†What we have here in this guild, in this gaming family, cannot be easily duplicated. ¬†And there is a real strength in that. ¬†One that far supersedes mere pixels on a screen.¬†

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