Black Desert Online, Year in Review

Wanted to pop by and give an update for TLP-BDO since it’s been a few months. LOTS has changed…the TLP-BDO of today is nothing like the TLP-BDO of yesterday lol.

The biggest change is that we sort of organically grew out of our casual focus at the end of the last year. Things have been picking up incredibly fast since then (as I’m sure you’ve seen if you’ve dropped by during a war with 50 people in Discord at once).

This stuff wasn’t really a conscious choice, but more of a response to how the guild was naturally developing and what the game demands. Biggest thing is that with the way BDO is right now, we can’t survive without PVP forces…hence a lot of the changes.

So to shortlist the most important changes:

  • We’re 41st in all of NA rank-wise. That’s taken a LOT of hard work.
  • Requirements include gearscore of 400, 1 node war attendance a week, and level 58. There is wiggle room on some of these, but I leave it at the discretion of my officers and ask that they severely limit it.
  • Turnover is incredibly high in this game (we’ve burned through around 250 members since launch). This isn’t a TLP BDO thing, it’s a burnout thing. All of the guilds we’ve talked to have on average similar numbers.
  • We are actively pruning when people don’t log in for 5 or more days without letting us know. So what that means is people need to let us know if they’re going on vacation, are busy with work, etc. If they don’t, we’ll generally try to contact them once. No response = 👢
  • We track activity through guild activity points. This is a metric that applies whenever someone takes part in certain activities with the guild. Node wars, guild missions, and to a much lesser degree, leveling.
  • When it comes to evaluating people for daily pay raises, the highest amounts go to officers, then people with 80%+ node war attendance, then people with exemplary activity levels, then everyone else.
  • We keep a guild spreadsheet with everyone’s info tracked on it. Some of this sheet might not make sense to you, but it does to our guild secretary and that’s all that matters lol.
  • We don’t use the website application at this time and probably won’t in the near future. Most of the recruiting we do is on-the-spot in channel chat and it just doesn’t make sense to have the officers interview them and then have them fill out a separate app. That may change once we get to a point where we have a lower turnover rate. Right now it’s enough of a challenge just getting people.
  • Speaking of info, members are expected to update their info at least once every 30 days via a channel in Discord (even if that’s just posting “no changes”). Repeated refusals to keep information updated IS grounds for pruning, but to be honest, the only times that’s come up the person has had other issues also (like not logging in or not making node wars).
  • We’ve only had a total of 4 complete bans since launch. Not too shabby.
  • The no politics, no religion, no double g’s, etc. All still stand. But comparatively speaking, we have almost 0 issues with stuff like that now. Good group.
  • We are still allied with Xen of Onslaught and Intrepidus. Both of those alliances are extremely strong, though if it came down to it, Xen would be bae and Intrepidus would be the side piece lol. We do sometimes do spot alliances in wars when needed.

I *think* that’s all that’s significantly different from how it used to be. The biggest thing is that I really would not qualify us as casual at this point at all. It remains to be seen how far this growth will go, but we are essentially evolving with the needs of the guild and not the other way around…and that’s worked well for us, at least so far. BDO is such a funny game with the 100-person cap and how they do things…it is honestly by far the hardest guild system to work with that I’ve seen.

But given that we went from 146th in NA struggling with tier 1 wars to 41st on NA easily taking tier 3 wars…I’m pretty chuffed with our progress   The core group grows a little every few months and becomes more stable, so I would say by fall we should be at a point where nearly everyone is coming to wars. Our current goals are to increase node war numbers/improve activity levels…that’s about it.

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