To Valhalla.

We had our last guild meeting before launch saw us re-evaluating the decision we made on the faction. Most of our members really were not feeling the Covenant faction because it just did not align with who we know to be.

We started by talking about a server, and since TLP is a conglomerate of friends and allies that have through the years joined us in new worlds, we wanted to honor those roots. If Midgard has been a server on the East Coast, we would have picked it because most of us from other guilds developed close friendships within the widely popular Dark Age of Camelot — Midgard was our chosen faction. If we would have gone with a West Coast server, we probably would have picked Camelot, for much the same reason. As a matter of fact, one of our long-standing allies, the Undead Lords, picked Camelot for that very same reason. So, Valhalla spoke to us.

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Launch Comes on September 28th, Finally!

It is finally here. We’re less than ONE WEEK away from the launch of New World and we can’t wait. We finally get a game that we can all come to and enjoy together. There has been such a drought of MMO content for so long that we got buried under a pile of dust. So many of us went to our old games like Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, or Black Desert Online. Some of you that played beta with us saw a bought of depression after the beta ended because you missed the game. New World certainly is a BEAUTIFUL game! #BringOnTheGFX

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