In Development: New Spells & Abilities

Time for another sneak peek at what’s in development for Albion Online. Today, we’re revealing four new upcoming spells!

APRIL 19, 2016 AT 2:00 PM BY ENYA

Cador offered an abundance of new spells, but there are still plenty more to come! Today we’re taking a look at future spells and abilities that are currently in development.

Please note: these spells are all still a work in progress and details might differ in the final version.

Flame Orb

The Flame Orb spell will be an addition to the two-handed Fire Staff. It fires an orb in a straight line, dealing damage and applying a DoT to everyone in its way. Flame Orb does not disappear on impact, making it a very powerful attack when aimed wisely.


Tackle will be found on the two-handed Hammer. When using it you will charge to a place of your choice, stunning all enemies on your path.


The Claymore will see the return of a charge attack. Use it to you charge towards your enemy, making you two inseparable for a moment. It’s the perfect attack to catch and lock down kiting, or fleeing, foes.


Located on the Quarterstaff, the Tornado spell will offer a ranged alternative for melee players. Swinging your staff rapidly, you charge up a tornado which you then send off in a straight line towards your foes.

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