Week Four: The Challenges

The first month has most definitely been a challenge for Sandbox Interactive as a company, as a developer. The criminal activity of some groups in where stolen credit card information has seen the launch of a series of DDoS attacks that has all but crippled the game. We started with over 400 members but due to the instability of the servers, which has caused several losses to black screens and server disconnects, has proved to be too much to bare for many of those folks. As a result, we’re down to just over 200.


We are hopeful that the efforts of SBI will prove fruitful and there will be a return of our friends to the game for it. But until then we must continue to push forward and have something wonderful for our friends to return to. In the coming weeks we will start to venture into perfecting, as best as we can, our 5v5 strategies and our open-world PvP tactics, most especially at the war camps.


I know to most people it may seem like we’re not doing as well as other guilds out there, but I can sure you that what we’re building here will last longer than any other house out there. While other guilds concern themselves with winning and then immediately loosing black zone territories, we are focused on the territories that really matter, the royal cities. Cities pay the guild bank millions of silver a week. That money is going to give us the ability to equip our teams with much better gear. It lays the ground work.


That has to be the focus, the infrastructure. We’re building the foundation, the organization, the processes, and the fortitude to sustain where others do not. I look at all the alliances that are at constant strife and turmoil. Alliances seem to fall just as quickly as they rise. But we are building an alliance of true friends, all as equals. This will endure.


Each guild in our alliance needs to work together and learn from each other and really get going in yellow zone Hellgates, War camps, and GvGs. Record the videos and post them up and let others critique them. Listen to what they say, improvise, and adapt to survive.


Let’s hope we can do it with stable servers.

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