Static Raiding Logistics

 Minimum Standards for ALL STATIC groups within TLP-FFXIV


  • Pull occurs at posted raid time.
  • Invites start at 15 minutes before raid time.
  • Being late is considered absent.

Maximum Permitted Absences

  • All members have a maximum of 3 planned and 3 unplanned absences, per 3 month raiding window
    • Exceptions to this may include vacations, especially if we can find an equal value substitute. Please provide at least two weeks of notice for the duration of your absence.
    • After consuming both sets of absences, the raid lead has the right to demote you (Static > static bench > bench). Raid leaders and attendees must submit a formal incident report documenting all absences to an SO or higher for our records.


  • Replacements for members occur in order of association as follows:
    • Appropriately prepared guild members first
    • Link shells second
    • Non-associated members last

Static Bench and Holidays

  • Static Bench should plan to be on call for at least one raid per week.
  • No raids are scheduled during the week of national holidays where hospital grade offices are closed (like Christmas, thanksgiving, etc). At your raid leader’s discretion, other holidays may or may not be observed.

Unplanned Absences

  • Missing members are replaced during the 15 minute starting window. Raiders have until pull time to reclaim their original spot.
  • Missing persons who leave or disappear after first pull can be rotated back in, but this is still considered an unplanned absence.
  • Raiders will give raid leads at least 20 minutes to fill a raid.
  • If the raid does not fill up due to unplanned absences, the group will vote to do a different raid, challenge, farm, or take a vote to dismiss the raid altogether.
  • Not being prepared is considered an unplanned absences. Raiders must come prepared and repaired, with the appropriate food and knowledge. This includes watching the latest required videos and asking mechanics-related questions prior to the raid.

NOTE: All raiders are allowed one emergency miss, where they miss raid or have to leave raid due to an emergency as a freebee.

Planned Absences

  • Raiders will give at least 48 hours of notice in the case of planned (non-vacation) absences. This ensures that raid leads have plenty of time to find replacements.
  • Giving anything less than 48 hours of notice will constitute an unplanned absence.
  • Raiders must send all planned absence requests directly to the raid lead as well as via a general chat channel. This may include posting in Discord or on Facebook.

Becoming a Raider

In order to become a raider, you must pass the general requirements set by the guild. These include:

  • You are a Member or Discord Member
  • Registered on our Raiding Spreadsheet

Specific Positions

  • Bench:
    • Must pass a designated primal test with vote of current raiders
    • Must be able to defeat the current dummy (if DPS or tank) for the latest primal
    • Must be eligible to serve as bench for any raids unlocked.
  • Static Raiders:
    • Must pass a tryout as designated by that group’s lead.
    • The trial will last a minimum of two weeks.
    • Raid lead must approve.
    • The current team must vote with a greater majority at the culmination of the two weeks.
  • Bench Static:
    • Same basic structure as above with additional stipulations
    • Only a one-time performance is required
    • If raiders want to be promoted, a one-week trial is sufficient.
    • Unsuccessful tryouts should be given the option to be paired with a mentor for up to two weeks to improve their chances if they desire to tryout once again (only if the reason is for performance, not for absenteeism or behavior).

Vacating Your Raid Spot

  • All Static Bench and Static members must give two weeks notice before vacating your position. This ensures that raid leads have sufficient time to source replacements and host tryouts.
  • Raid leads should make every effort to try out all eligible people for the vacancy within this time period.

Raid Status

  • Raids are considered as Initial Progression, Progression, Clear, or Farm Status, as are members.
    • Initial progression – anyone working on phase one
    • Progression – at phase two or farther
    • Clear – have met a natural timer-based enrage and final phase, or have cleared but not in one shot.
    • Farm – When you and your group can clear a fight two weeks in a row on the first pull.
  • Every effort should be made to recruit members that are on par with the majority status of the raid group.
  • All static bench members should be rotated into the most previous status of the group. What this means is that if your static is continuously in phase 2 or beyond, all your static bench members should have at least witnessed phase one.
  • Once all loots have been obtained by static members, you may rotate in static bench and non static bench members in for clears as well.

Forming a Raid Group

  • Poaching is from other raid groups is not allowed
  • Anyone vacating a group to join another will require two weeks notice, PLUS one week of non-raiding before joining another group. This prevents poaching while allowing room for movement due to time constraints.

NOTE: Group-to-group movement notice may be reduced to one week notice. For this to happen, there must be a mutually beneficial agreement between both raid leaders and approval by an SO or higher.

  • To form a Candidate Static Group, you must have at least four guild members.
  • All potential raid group members must:
  • Want to be in a group
  • Submit a team name
  • Schedule at least two raids per week (not including Wednesday evening).
  • You must find and tryout out at least two more guild members and up to two non-guild or link-shell members to form your group following tryout guidelines.
  • Non-guild members cannot be former members. Leaving the guild vacates your raid position.
  • Once a full raid of eight people attends successfully for two weeks in a row, you become an officially sponsored static group.