Raiding With TLP-FFXIV

TLP-FFXIV Raiding Mission Statement


TLP-FFXIV aims to provide raiding opportunities to all members of the chapter, and the FFXIV community. Raids are organized and performed according to the long lasting standards of The Last Prophecy. This means we have respect for the time of all involved and make sure that everyone is in a reliable group that meets their competitive standards, be they casual or hardcore.

Raiding with The Last Prophecy means you hold timeliness, reliability, and team effort in high priority. All of our raiders are expected to be proactive in their pursuit of endgame raiding by consistently striving to improve personal and team capabilities.

Finally, everyone understand that teams are like family. There will be conflicts, both in and out of game. Our teams have thick skin, take those conflicts as opportunities to grow, both as raiders, and citizens of the TLP gaming community. Through each battle encountered, our teams grow stronger and more ready to handle whatever the game or life throws their way. We invite all who share this vision to join us in our raiding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions300px-scholar_concept_art

How do I get involved in Raids with TLP?

First, check out all our raiding information on our raiding pages, and ask questions. In a nutshell, talk to current raid leads, our raiding officers, or when in doubt talk to a senior officer or above to let them know your interest and your goals.

We also host OPEN RAID NIGHT every Wednesday at 7 PM CST. If you would like to go, you must register with our Facebook group and cast your vote on the raid you’d like to attend. This influences the raids we do, as well as counts as your signup. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and work towards joining or building a static group.

What is the minimum requirements to join any raid groups?

Generally, you should have the minimum ilvl to attend the latest EXTREME primal. In addition, you must be a full member of our group (see Discord Announcements), and have read any strategies for the earliest tiers you may encounter. “Blind” progression runs are reserved for our mid-core and hard-core raiding statics only.

What is the difference between Hardcore, Mid-core, and Casual?

Most importantly, these differences not only imply a difference in commitment of skill development, but also in time contributed as well as established goals. Generally, Casual groups raid 1-2 times a week, and do not raid the most current progression content. Mid-core groups are high end raiders that can raid the most recent content, and generally raid 2-3 times a week. Hard-core groups are ultra-high end raiders that raid 3-4 times a week and are competitive in nature. Competitive implies they are striving for competition against other raid groups in the gaming community for server and world firsts, completion of all various raiding achievements possible, and finally their roster’s are generated via competitive means rather than just friendly association.

Can I be a member of two static teams?

Generally no. However, if their is a mutual agreement (in writing that is also approved by an unbiased raid officer, or a Senior Officer) between raid leads and the involved raiders, then yes. The only stipulation is that no matter what, a member can not be on the starting line up for both teams. One of them MUST be as “static bench”. Any exception to this rule must also be in a writing, mutually agreed, and approved by a GM or Co-GM of TLP-FFXIV. The most important part of the agreement we’ll look for is the effect on boss clears and loot lockouts.

How do I form my own static team?

You must generate a list of additional rules you may have, a mission statement of your goals and “Core-level”, and finally at least 3 others in TLP wanting join in your adventure. Send all this information to your raiding officer, or a senior officer. If approved, the guild will assist in recruitment for your team. Once your team successfully fulfills it’s declared attendance two weeks in a row, we’ll have your raids posted on the calendar and a raiding team section generated for you on our website. Keep in mind that TLP will only actively engage in building a maximum of two raiding teams at a time so as not to spread our resources too thin. All this means is if there are more than two actively being built, the third static will have to wait for assistance until we finish setting up those that applied first.


We’ll update our FAQ regularly with questions from our community!