How to Make Beer

Making Beer

As you will see in the video, beer is used to recover your workers’ stamina. There are other foods to make to recover stamina that yield more points but beer is one of the most efficient. Remember to always keep your workers working!

  • Leavning Agent
  • Potato
  • Sugar
  • Mineral Water
  • Wheat (Used INSTEAD of potato)

Level 1-50 in 15 Hours

Level 1-50

In this video, Hakurai explains when and where to go in order to spend your time efficiently leveling and grinding. Remember, this hardcore grind is only recommended AFTER you have made your first character and experienced the game. This is recommended because it is good to have a starting amount of energy/contribution points.

Things to Remember

  • Stock up on potions
  • DON’T sell blackstones
  • Invest in crystals
  • Stay geared
  • Play some epic music

Operation Isabella

Here is our raid strategy for this instance.

Apparent bosses in Operation Isabella

By: Snow Exoria



Hp = 16.4 Million – 30 x Bars


Poison Throw – Target’s player, Knockdown and poison AOE ground, (100% Dodge-able – Will mark ground with Target AOE) Initial low dmg (~25k), Poison ground aoe will kill you (15k/tick) -Fills up the room (Soft Enrage) *** REFLECTABLE ***

Winged Flap – Knockback *** RAIDWIDE***, (avoidable Behind pillars it seems) – Low dmg, roughly 500, Less dmg the further you are. LB’s use blessing of tenacity.

Screech – Boss will face a direction and flap his wings *** AVOIDABLE *** It seems that it faces a random Direction… unclear…


Tanks – Taunt swap on CD rotation. and try and keep roughly towards one edge of the room, so that ranged can spread out around the room and avoid filling up room with poison. Doable with one tank.

Supports – Use off. cooldowns. after Winged Flap knockback, using it before or during is a bad call #obvious.

Cool-Down Usage: CD’s can be timed roughly as they come up, because of the tank and spank nature of the boss. Rough time estimate 3:30s boss kill. Use Flood of Light as you please.

  • 1. Time: 0.05s – On Pull. (All Cool-Downs)
  • 2.1:35 min: Energy Shower, – – LB and Alch sit on your Blessing and Stimulant for another 30s, and time it with the Alch Energy Shower.
  • 3.3:00 – Bio-trap, Energy Shower, Blessing.
  • 4.On cool down, if boss isn’t dead yet.

Everyone – Be careful on your positioning, because winged flap affects everyone, you can get knocked back into a poisoned ground.


HP = 19.7 Million – 40 x Bars


Laser Lift – Lifts a Random player into the air, After about 5s pulls player into melee ranged Lifted Player *assuming that you are skill locked* > Pally Immunity – LB Shield

Rage: ~10s of Extra melee dmg

Knight Reflect – Pally Immunity (taunt swap)

Fist Punch: Random Knock back on a player, ~60k dmg

Raid move away from targeted player, Get rekt Melee

Cannon Spawn: Random Cannons Spawn throughout the fight – 1.3m HP

Would save Dmg cooldowns for the Cannons. After ~30s of being alive, it 1shots someone. Shortly after the beginning of the the fight > 32x Bars, 20x Bars, 8x Bars.


Tanks: His autos hurt, need to time you shields with his auto, they are spaced out so don’t have a shield go to waste, Tanks will likely need help with his Rage Ability. Can be solo tanked. Pally just helps with Laser Lift.

Healers: Save a Shield for Hand Laser, Hand Laser may be mitigated with Pally Symbol or Pally Friendly Immunity.

Cool-Down Usage: Due to the nature of the Cannons, saving a CD for them is worth it. However if we are not doing enough Dmg to the boss so he does not spawn his cannon, and we are waiting for like 30 extra seconds, it’s better to use the CDs on cool-down on the boss. And have them up for the cannon as well.

  • 1. Time 0:05s – On Pull ( All Cool-downs)
  • 2. When 1st Cannon Spawns. Blessing and Injection – Save Energy Shower (Use on boss since it’s a longer CD)
  • 3. When 2nd Cannon Spawns. Blessing and Injection (Energy Shower and Bio should not be up)
  • 4. When 3rd Cannon Spawns. Blessing and Injection. (Save Energy Shower and Bio-trap)
  • 5. Pop Energy Shower + Bio-trap, 10s after third Cannon Dies.

Everyone: Spread out around the boss, his Fist Punch is an aoe. This is especially important for melee.


HP 19.3 Million – 30 X Bars


Electro: Targets Random player, Creates an Aoe Circle dmg around them, (Ranged Spread out)

Thunder Dome: Boss Creates a barrier around himself ~10 yards,


Add Enrage: At 2 Bars left, Boss summons Adds, these will overwhelm you, so SAVE DPS COOLDOWNS and BURN the BOSS,


Tanks: Seems as though this fight is solo tanked, Not a lot of auto attack dmg, as long as melee are moving out with their Electro Circle.

Support: Use off. cooldowns when raid is grouped during Thunder dome. Have a dmg shield rotation for the solo tank.

Cool-down Rotation:

  • 2.Every-time you get, Into the Dome, Work it out when the best time is with your DPs

Everyone: Use all cooldowns at the Start. And Be near the boss for Thunder Dome. Make sure to move away from others if you have Electro. (Get rekt melee)

Pegasus – Nightmare

HP – 23.0 Million – 40 x Bars

Boss has 3 phases, Each one of his abilities persists through each phase, For Second Ground phase, he gains an extra ability.

Phase 1:

Charge: Boss – Charges at a Target Area, Everyone must dodge, *Happens Quickly*

Barrage: Targeted Ground AOE: Clusters around players, has a 5yard aoe explosion outside target area. Must move far away. (seems to target on top of a player)

Missile: Target Select player, Shoot Missile will explode on contact, Avoid hitting other players (seems to affect the tank a lot, Taunt swap?)

Air Phase: at 20X Bars

Barrage: Similar to ground phase, x2 hits

Summons adds. 2 Boss adds ~2.6m each Must Kill Adds ASAP, only have ~30s until ground phase again.

Phase 2:

Burning Wings: Creates a wave of fire, which starts at boss’s location and goes 360 around the room. *** AVOIDABLE *** behind pillars. *** REFLECTABLE ***

Tanks: Able to be solo tanked, might have trouble on the adds. Use Defense CD’s for Missile, seems to hit the tank a lot.

Support: Be care on positioning

Offensive Cool-Downs:

  • 1. On pull. (time 0:10)
  • 2. If Cd’s are back up before 35x Bars, use them if not save them for adds.
  • 3. Make sure Bio trap and at least 1 energy shower is up for the adds,
  • 4. Use off CD

Everyone: Ground dodge abilities need to be your priority over doing dmg. For Burning Wings, put a pillar in between you and the boss, the wings start glowing #tell. Adds provide the hardest challenge, make sure you nuke down the Masters.