All Amity Game Combos for Every NPC

BDOtools Conversation Solver


Please click the picture above to go to the BDOtools site. This tool allows you to put in who you are talking to, and what your objective is as well as what their interests and favors are. It then optimizes exactly the targets you should be putting in at what order to get your objective done with the maximum amount of favor possible.

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How to Connect Ever City for Only 67 CP

AUTHOR: /u/Leggerless
DOCUMENT: Node Network Analysis
PUBLISH URL: Click here for the publicized URL
1 Node Names and Trade Managers
2 MEDIAH UPDATE (Node Network)
Current Project:
Working on the new Node Network. May add more resources for a compiled guide.
MAP CP COST: 55 CP (Pre-Media)
67 CP (Mediah)
How the optimization node network connections are calculated:
1. Start from Illya
2. Find next closest town
3. Go through all possible paths, find their CP cost, and sum their path cost.
4. Choose the path with the lowest CP cost.
5. Repeat with the next closest town.
6. If needed, remove previous links if another summed link has a lower CP cost.
Rules, constraints, and special notes.
All cities, towns, and villages (blue/turquoise icons) must be connected!
CP is not used for farms or resources attached to nodes in the paths.
CP is not used for item rentals or house purchases as well.
CP is only used for the paths in the node network.
In the case of paths with the same CP cost, the path with the most nodes is
chosen instead. Done for possible trading distance bonuses (unverified atm?).
Excessively long paths are not included in the calculations.
/u/fexxi Idea to make GDoc a publication.
/u/redev Network improving upon the previous system. (Verified)
/u/ChiyoBaila Node name assistance
Darkwaters Lorilie SWG Member (Trade Manager Sheet)


Guide on Workers/Nodes/Housing

Workers/Nodes/Housing Guide

Quick tip: It is probably better for you to connect all the major cities before you start investing in other nodes and housing. This will make your life a lot easier in the long run. Check out the guide on how to connect all the cities for the least points possible.


Quick PSA’s and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

  • PSA 1: You don’t actually need to own the node to purchase housing from it. (OP: Drabzie from Reddit)
  • PSA 2: Grunil set bonus AP does not show up in your stats, but it is working. (OP: NotGib from Reddit)
  • PSA 3: When coming in from the hotspot in Velia, jump in the water and use escape to avoid DC. (OP: Liamu4 from Reddit)
  • PSA 4: Delphe Knights Castle has a good storage house for Calpheon. (OP: Thrombo from Reddit)
  • PSA 5: Your horses don’t lose stamina when attached to a wagon.
  • PSA 6: You don’t have to ride a wild horse to the stable you can ride on yours it will follow you.
  • PSA 7: Make sure you have at least 1 Inv space open before bargaining with a trader.

Tree Density Map

Tree Density Map for Guild Missions

Extremely useful map for Gathering Wood or Guild Missions - Imgur

Original Content by: Cupcake Thunder

Please remember to be on the correct channel while doing guild quests.

Note: Just because it says “________ Heaven” doesn’t mean the trees haven’t been taken by others.

How to Make Beer

Making Beer

As you will see in the video, beer is used to recover your workers’ stamina. There are other foods to make to recover stamina that yield more points but beer is one of the most efficient. Remember to always keep your workers working!

  • Leavning Agent
  • Potato
  • Sugar
  • Mineral Water
  • Wheat (Used INSTEAD of potato)

Level 1-50 in 15 Hours

Level 1-50

In this video, Hakurai explains when and where to go in order to spend your time efficiently leveling and grinding. Remember, this hardcore grind is only recommended AFTER you have made your first character and experienced the game. This is recommended because it is good to have a starting amount of energy/contribution points.

Things to Remember

  • Stock up on potions
  • DON’T sell blackstones
  • Invest in crystals
  • Stay geared
  • Play some epic music