Distortion A2

maxresdefault (2)Difficulty: Medium

Tactical Sense Requirement (approx.):

  • Minimum: 300
  • Half-shield: 500
  • Broken-shield: 700


Lorro the Cold (356m, 50 bars)


Preferred Composition:

  • 1 Knight
  • 1 LightBinder
  • 3 Alchemist
  • 5 Damage


This fight is all about your positioning. The boss is frozen at the start and you have to break him out by playing a mini-game of match the color of the terminal with the number on your action bar. After that he will be free to hit him as much as you want. This fight is complex and has a lot of fazes when it comes to his amount of health.

NOTE: This boss has an enrage at 15 mins that lasts for about 2 mins!

The Fight:

With the method we use it is a simple tank and spank and as long as you are paying attention there should be no reason you should be getting killed. Once spawning in the arena you will start taking damage at around 10-15k/sec. Having a LightBinder use Halo once you get in is very helpful for most people.

We start at centre as a group, our tank pulls him off the centre a bit we then go through full buffs and rotation excluding the Witch/Warlock and Berserker (if no Witch/Warlock, dump berserker rotation also). Once our tank pulls him to the top left hand corner we use buffs again as well as Witch/Warlock shield and Berserker rotation. This ensures we can finish all our rotations and maximise our DPS.

When in the corner try and have the ranged stack up on the left hand wall so that when he tilts back and puts ice under you it all goes in one spot and not around the map where you need to walk. The tank will be facing him towards the back wall so all the melee characters and LightBinder (see LightBinder role below) will be standing behind him. Once the ice has been placed move to the right of the ice on the ground as it does hurt a lot. Depending on your DPS you will have many ice spots, just move the boss as many times as you need.

After enough bars of health the cold will dissipate and it will become summer; the ice will melt and become water and the sun will come out. There are no ice patches during this faze it is just a straight tank-and-spank. After another about 7-10 bars of health he will go into his frozen state again and you have to repeat the terminals again. We found it helpful if the tank gets the closest terminal to the boss and he gets it last so he is ready to pick up the boss once the terminals are done. By the time he is unfrozen you should have all buffs up and you can use all rotations on him then.

After you unfreeze him he gets another ability that every ~30 secs he will pull you in and channel a water bubble that if you get caught in it after it explodes you will get frozen for about 10 seconds or until someone breaks you out (spacebar to break someone out). This is easily avoidable by dashing back once and running back a bit. He will do this bubble constantly and you should be timing your rotations in between pulls to max your DPS.

He then repeats the summer faze but with a twist as he has replaced his freeze with a knockback that hits even harder than the ice and can easily kill someone if they get knocked into a water patch. Again this is avoidable by dashing back and running a bit once he pulls you in. Terminals one last time after summer again.

Winter faze again. This is where you should be killing him with high enough DPS otherwise he will enrage in his next summer faze and it is highly unlikely your tank can survive 200k hits through LightBinder shields. He now replaces his pull in and throw out with a complete freeze for all members in your party this will happen every ~30 seconds so time your rotations again. This freeze lasts roughly 20 seconds and you are taking damage through out it and your tank still has aggro so he is getting hit but he probably doesn’t have any shields on him to protect any damage getting dealt to him.

At the last winter faze you should have the boss down to 15 bars; at this time you will have a god spark drop (see map). Have your highest damage dealer grab the orb and rush back to the boss. Since you have the god spark the god is immune to the freeze and should immediately unfreeze someone and go back to damaging the boss. The person who was unfrozen by the god will go an unfreeze everyone else and so on. If you have made it this far with out the enrage you are doing pretty good and you should be able to kill him in another couple seconds to a minute.

NOTE: If you are unsuccessful in killing him by the enrage timer you have the option of giving the god spark to the tank so he survives through the limited enrage.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Tank:
    • Your role is simple if your party asks you to move the boss just move it a few steps to the right. Other than that just make sure you don’t get caught in his pulls.
    • In summer faze the boss will give you what we call “stank”. This will disorient you and make your character walk in random directions. It is up to you to call this out to your LightBinder who will so he can use Blessing of Tenacity on you to break you free. If it happens more than one time in 20 seconds then an alchemist is going to have to put a terminal down for you to use. Very important you tell them you are “stanked” as you have aggro and will be moving the boss around as you are disoriented.


  • Damage:
    • It is very important in this fight to watch where you are standing as there will be ice on the ground that you have to dodge around. If there is too much ice ask your tank to move the boss so you can feel safe while fighting.
    • When he starts pulling you in it is almost not noticeable for melee so make sure there is someone who calls out when they are pulled and make sure you dash back so you don’t get caught out.
    • Save your rotations for between the pulls as that will max DPS and help with any enrage issue’s you may have.
    • Have the highest damage dealer get the god spark and make sure when you have it that you are breaking one person out from the ice and then go back to the boss as you want the most damage on him as you can.


  • LightBinder:
    • You are very valuable to the tank in this fight as you will need to clear him of “stank”(see Tank role) with your Blessing of Tenacity.
    • Once your group gets better gear and higher prestige you won’t need to shield the tank during any of this fight and you can focus on putting your Flood of Light on the damage dealers.
    • When the boss uses his pull in and freeze you can use Blessing of Tenacity on everyone to unfreeze anyone frozen as he only does “stank” during summer faze. When the boss does his pull in and throw back use Halo for the damage reduction as people will get knocked back.


  • Alchemist’s:
    • You want to communicate with everyone in this fight as you will have to time your buff rotations and your terminals with the tank or LightBinder and the damage dealers.
    • Make sure you are all grouped up so the ice doesn’t go around the boss randomly. If there is a lot of ice ask your tank to move the boss so you don’t get killed. Designate one person to stand on so you are all stood in one spot.
    • If in the summer faze the tank calls out for “stank” let the LightBinder use his Blessing of Tenacity to cleanse it but if it happens again throw your Terminal down so you don’t have a tank running around with a boss following him putting people in danger.

Recommended Gear Stats:

NOTE: Main-Hand weapons are much more valuable to have than Off-Hand weapons.

  • Knight
    • Main-Hand: Cutting Grass increase
    • Off-Hand: Barrier II buff increase


  • Kinetic
    • Main-Hand: Sledgehammer damage increase
    • Off-Hand: Ultimate cooldown reduction


  • Berserker
    • Main-Hand: Fracture Damage increase
    • Off-Hand: Battlefrenzy cooldown reduction


  • LightBinder
    • Main-Hand: Damage buff duration increase
    • Off-Hand:Halo damage reduction


  • Alchemist
    • Main-Hand: Stimulant cooldown reduction
    • Off-Hand: Terminal cooldown reduction


Skills and Talents:

NOTE: Only recommended classes are shown.

















NOTE: Can replace Protective Membrane with Skipjack depending on where your terminal is.







Location of all the terminals.



Rotation you should be following for tanking.




Terminal symbols.


All distortions upon completion will give Main and Off-hand epic quality gear.


  • Low: 4692
  • High: 5109


  • Low: 3015
  • High: 3207

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