Quick PSA’s and Tips to Make Your Life Easier

  • PSA 1: You don’t actually need to own the node to purchase housing from it. (OP: Drabzie from Reddit)
  • PSA 2: Grunil set bonus AP does not show up in your stats, but it is working. (OP: NotGib from Reddit)
  • PSA 3: When coming in from the hotspot in Velia, jump in the water and use escape to avoid DC. (OP: Liamu4 from Reddit)
  • PSA 4: Delphe Knights Castle has a good storage house for Calpheon. (OP: Thrombo from Reddit)
  • PSA 5: Your horses don’t lose stamina when attached to a wagon.
  • PSA 6: You don’t have to ride a wild horse to the stable you can ride on yours it will follow you.
  • PSA 7: Make sure you have at least 1 Inv space open before bargaining with a trader.

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