Any Senior Officer of a past or current chapter with a minimum of TWO YEARS of service as SO or above can request to form a new guild in a new game. They take on great responsibility to ensure that we run these guilds in accordance to our mission statement and with the established organization and structure that has been proved tried and true. They are responsible for coordinating with founders to set up tools for their leaders/officers and general membership. Guildmasters within any TLP chapter have the right to collaborate with each other for ideas, suggestions, advice, feedback etc. This position is not held to ONE CHAPTER. The GM’s of all chapters are to be treated and respects by all members, of all chapters, as GUILD LEADERS.

They cannot leave their post and retain their active titles, if they choose to break from gaming or form a new chapter elsewhere, they are responsible for ensuring that their current chapter has a GM in place to take over. They can request to re-take their old position should they return to the game and the current GM leaves a vacancy. They and only they appoint CGM’s or AGM’s and together with them make policies and adjustments thereof. Founders may be required to temporarily step into a GM’s position should the need arise.

There can only ever be ONE primary Guild Leader to any chapter.

Appointed by: Founders only.
Service Requirement:  A minimum of TWO YEARS as SO/CM (Senior Officer or Community Manager) or above.
How To Become a GM: You must apply to the founders directly to become a GM by submitting a preliminary charter along with the required info below.
Leadership Team: As GM you are responsible for nominating your leadership team.  You select your Co-GMs.  They in turn vote on Senior Officers, Officers, Apprentices, Captains, etc.
Responsibility: As GM you are responsible for the administration, organization, structure, governance, and successful delivery of content within your chapter to your leadership team, your members, and your allies.
Retirement Process: You are responsible for this chapter’s success until the moment you wish to step down.  In order to step down, you must have a replacement ready to take the helm and cannot step down from your position unless you find a replacement.  In the event of an emergency, your chapter will be taken over by the Founders of TLP.  They in turn will appoint a GM.

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