Stay tuned for all the exciting ways that TLP is partnering up with some of the best companies in gaming!  More details coming soon!



Razer delivers amazing gaming products for all our community members.  Members receive a %5 discount on all our offerings from Razer in our partner store at TLP Game Shop.  Our community members especially love the Razer Naga Chroma with its 12 thumb buttons that make gaming in MMO’s infinitely easier and the new Razer Hex Chroma designed for MOBA and eSports.  We are also big fans of their keyboards, almost exclusively using the Razer Blackwidow Chroma with its mechanical keys that last forever and the programability of the software so that we can customize macros for our games.  Lately as we do more and more travel,  we’re also depending on the high-end gaming laptops recently released from Razer for our competitive players. Overall our partnership with Razer allows our members access to recognized, proven-true exceptional line of products at significant discounts. Visit our TLP GAME SHOP today and ask for the membership discount from your chapter or team leaders.