About Us

About The Last Prophecy

The Last Prophecy is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming guild that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online, in October of 1997. With members who have traveled with us for just under 20 years, we’ve traveled through a diverse range of games together. Since the early days of our inception, we’ve worked hard to create a place where gamers of all play styles feel comfortable and accommodated.

Today, The Last Prophecy is much more than just a guild. With a dedicated Stream Team, sponsors, partnerships and affiliations, we’ve broken through the idea of a guild to become one of the longest-standing multi-game communities available today.


Meaningful Friendships and Co-Operative Play Environments

As a community, our strengths lie in our ability to engage in every aspect of the games we choose to play. By sharing and enjoying each other’s company, our members are able to forge long-standing relationships that spur on a deeper, more committed level of play.  From PvE to PvP, our various chapters work to create an immersive experience in-game while forging and maintaining real life friendships.

About the Membership

In a sense, The Last Prophecy is very much a gaming family, rather than just a company alone. We believe this inspires an atmosphere of respect and trust, something that very much benefits any gaming community.

The Last Prophecy’s members hail from an incredibly diverse range of lifestyles. As a mature gaming guild, our community is built on a foundation spanning families, singles, couples, working professionals, business owners, and a really long list of other backgrounds, too.

This is uniquely beneficial for a multi-game community because our members very often bring real-life skills to the table that can help to grow, foster, and maintain chapters within a variety of special gaming niches. Organization, the ability to manage a group of people, or even a unique ability to research and find information online–all of these can be very helpful when translated into a gaming environment.

Furthermore, our diverse user base fosters a supportive, tolerant community that believes in trust, teamwork, and respect.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Dive in and learn where we’ve been and where to find us currently here.


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About Our Chapters

The Last Prophecy designs chapters within a broad range of play styles. Most of our chapters fall under one of the following five categories of play:

  • Super casual
  • Semi-casual to moderate
  • Semi-hardcore
  • Hardcore
  • Competitive

Each chapter’s unique focus depends entirely on what its user base prefers; very often, guilds grow and expand or change over time, and that is very easy to accommodate in such a flexible environment.

Most of our chapters fall under one of two categories: fun-focused semi-casual gaming, or hardcore gaming. Chapters that are focused on fun allow members to enjoy playing with the community without strict time requirements–perfect for people who have time constraints or real lives outside of the game.

Hardcore gaming chapters very often have time requirements or other required investments that increase demand but provide an escalated, more dedicated experience–perfect for competitive players and those who seek to stay at the top in most titles.

About Our Partners and Sponsors


We believe in the power of partnerships and helping one another, and that’s something we extend to both guild members and our company, TLP Gaming. Through a variety of sponsorships, friendships and partnerships with entities like Twitch, YouTube, ASUS, Razer, and a variety of other entities. Looking for the scoop on who likes us, and who we like? Click here.

About Our Stream Team

In early 2015, The Last Prophecy set out to do something incredible; making streaming accessible and available to both experienced and inexperienced streamers. Starting with a base of experienced streamers called the TLP Titans, the guild crafted a multi-tier streaming program that allowed individuals to jump in and get recognized, whether it was their first time or 300th time in front of the camera.

Today, we offer the opportunity to join one of five incrementally-adjusted stream teams, including the TLP Titans, TLP Olympians, TLP Demi-Gods, and TLP Echoes.

Curious about our stream teams, or want to tune into our talk show? Click here to learn what you’re missing.