Apprentice Members Needed!

Apprentice Positions Available

Apprentices are members of the guild that specialize in heading up specific tasks to help the guild progress. Examples include helping with our garden, sending out airships on retainer-like adventures, or decorating the house with seasonal charms!

Apprenticeship is easy, no stress, very low time commitment, but infinitely helps our leadership by freeing up their time to lead the guild by just that little bit more, while allowing you to do the things you already enjoy doing! Apprenticeship also can lead to officership for those that want to push our guild to the top of its game! See the following for a list of apprenticeships we are in immediate need!

Sky Pirate – Help us send out airships on retainer missions! Its so easy to learn the maps, and send them out to gather items, just like you do your own retainers! Hit upMila Jomalah for more info or to apply!

Sky Captain – Would you like to host a weekly Diadem adventure? For just one hour a week you can bring a group of friends into the Diadem and earn massive amounts of loot! As a Sky Captain, you also get to determine the difficulty you’d like you and fellow guildies to attempt, and when to go! You must be a lvl 60 gatherer or battle class to apply! Hit up Mila Jomalah to apply!

Primal Hunter – Do you like to farm primal ponies (mayhaps the new flying ones from bismark and ravana in 3.2!)? Does challenging the likes if Extreme primals and helping others to learn the fights sound exciting? Apply to host weekly primal farms for whichever primals you want today! You will always have first dibs on loot! Hit upXeno Lockheart for more information or to apply!

Bahamut Slayer – Do you enjoy the Binding Coils of Bahamut? Would you like to help host learning parties or farm parties? There is lots of new crafting components as well as music scrolls available worth literally millions of gil for you to harvest! You will also get first dibs on loot for hosting a weekly coil run for whatever turns you desire! Hit up Xeno Lockheart for more information or to apply!

8-man Team Lead – Are you looking to get into Alexander Gordias or Midas Savage modes? If so you can lead the team, which also gives you first rights on loot! We expect leaders that are very clear with what they aim to achieve with their teams of eight people, being sure to recruit within our raiding linkshells or inviting people to linkshells that pass tryouts. The sky is the limit, and the teams rules are your own. The guild will help with recruiting tryouts as well as with supplying consistent raid teams with all necessary consumables, food, materia, and crafted goods! Hit upXeno Lockheart for more information or to apply!

New Player Recruiter – You can now sort the player list by people that have green leaves! Thus you can help spread the word to new players to join a friendly guild that links the new player experience with veterans that enjoy the game and enjoy helping out new players to FFXIV! Hit up Lan Mandragoron for more info or to apply!

Gardening Apprentice – Do you want to learn how to garden with the FC? Its really easy, and we have people to help you garden stuff for the guild, and for yourself! Hit up Lan Mandragoron for more info or to apply!

Guide Reviewer – Are you the type of person to check out all sorts of guides, tools, calculators and more for FFXIV? Help us find new information for our guildies to use, and manage our guide submissions forum! Once those items are flagged, our web team will then post them to our guide’s section! You are already helping out yourself by looking up various tools, videos and more, now help out the guild too! Hit up Xeno Lockheart for more information or to apply!

Crafting Apprentice – Are you interested in getting your crafting A-game rolling? Now is the time to coordinate with other crafting specialists to outfit yourself in the most amazing gear possible and work as a team to make some serious $$$ as well as help with FC workshop projects! Hit up Valin Tiril (aka Tasogare) or Half Life more information!

Thanks for everyone for participating in all our events leading up to 3.2! Prepare for more contests and activities now and into the future with our chapter and all of TLP! Do you have ideas for new apprentice positions or new activities? Let us know!

A special thanks goes out to our officers and our apprentices. A guildmaster cannot do this alone. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you so much for your support!

~Xeno Lockheart – GM of TLP-FFXIV


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