Co-Guildmasters & Assistant Guildmasters

CGM’s or AGM’s should be able to function as guildmasters in totality in the absence of a GM. Should the current GM leave a chapter, to either break from gaming or form a new chapter, they promote any of the CGM’s or AGM’s to GM. Everything that the GM does should be able to be done by the CGM’s or AGM’s. They assist in the appointment of the Senior Officers for the chapter, vote on policy adjustments or changes that suit the game played, and together with the GM, are the only ones that make official policy changes and a voting role.

A CGM or AGM can request to step down from their posts should their real life get too busy or they choose to break from gaming and they feel they cannot properly perform the CGM or AGM functions. This should be done in a post in writing in the chapter’s leader, privately. Also note that CGM’s or AGM’s can be demoted if a GM feels they are not performing their duties as stated above and we expect them to have thick skin if that happens, but it is the duty of the GM to give them three warnings (all documented with a Founder as well) before a demotion is considered.

It is recommended to have a minimum of TWO CGM’s or AGM’s in any chapter, and no more than FIVE the total of which should always be an odd number. Founders may be required to temporarily step into a AGM/CGM’s position should the need arise.

Appointed by: All GM’s and Founders by vote.
Service Requirement:  A minimum of ONE YEAR as SO or above.