Officers are the people assigned to deliver on specific tasks for a guild. The larger the guild, the more officers might be needed. While they must operate within the policies of the guild structure and guidelines thereof, they only play an advisory role in policy making; not a voting role. They can present suggestions for changes to policy for review by the SO’s, AGM’s , and GM’s, but must accept the decisions of their seniors and help adoption of those decisions by other leaders and members.

An officer can request to step down from their posts should their real life get too busy or they choose to break from gaming and they feel they cannot properly perform the officer functions, specifically of their assigned tasks. This should be done in a post in writing in the chapter’s leader forums. Also note that officers can demoted if a GM or AGM feels they are not performing their duties as stated above and we expect them to have thick skin if that happens, but it is the duty of the GM to give the Officer three warnings (filed as incident reports) before a demotion is considered.

Depending on the size of the chapter, the amount of officers can be unlimited, however we suggest to have at least a RECRUITMENT OFFICER. A RAIDING OFFICER, a CLASS LEADER OFFICER, and/or WARRING OFFICER (depending on whether the chapter actively engages in PvP) can also be very helpful to have at the start. (See Leaders Tools for specifics on these roles.)

Appointed by: Chapter GM’s, CGM’s or AGM’s, and SO’s by vote.
Service Requirement:  None within TLP.  Apprenticeship completion and experience as a leader in previous guild is a bonus.