About Us

The Last Prophecy is a gaming organization that began with Ultima Online on October 1997. Ultima Online was the first ever game that connected thousands of players together over the internet and gamers had never seen anything like it before. UO gave birth to a generation and from the foundation it laid we saw titles like EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, and Anarchy Online develop into massive open worlds that challenged and engaged its players.

Today, TLP stands tall as one of the longest running guilds to have ever existed not far from the legendary Syndicate. Some of us have been gaming together for over 18 years, and as such we’ve travelled through various games together. Currently we’re active in several chapters; Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, ArcheAge, Final Fantasy XIV, Skyforge Online, with plans to launch an Albion Online chapter and a Blade and Soul chapter in the near future.

We are committed to engaging in every aspect of the games that we play, sharing and enjoying each other’s company. From PvE to PvP to crafting and beyond, we want to fully immerse in the experience, while forging and maintaining real life friendships between our guild members. We encourage a time-friendly environment that allows members to have fun in the games they love with the people they know. Many of our chapters are open to various different gaming styles from the hard core to the super casual. There is a place for everyone with TLP and that’s what makes us a community.

What we want to do with our streamers is be able to provide an avenue by which they expand their fan base with the support of our organization behind them at every step of the way.  TLP has a vast reach throughout the industry, having been part of it for nearly two decades, and provides our streamers the possibility to deliver their content to a vast roster that spans several different games throughout the world.

TLP currently has three stream teams for the various interests of our streamers — from the professional to the casual. The Light Titans houses our top-notch professionals that have been doing this for several years and have an established fan base already. The Olympians are our new yet ambitious streamers that wish to push their shows forward and grow their following. And finally we have the Demi Gods… those members of our community that want to stream casually and just want to share their gaming knowledge and experience with anyone that wishes to tune in. Again, a place for everyone.

We welcome you to poke around, check out the schedules and events, and learn about us.