Titans Talk Show Returns on May 27th @ 5 PM EST

may27thtalkshow-600x300Join the fantastic FOUNDING TITAN, PoweredByPixels on May 27th at 5 PM EST on /TLPGuild for our Titans Talk Show, focusing on the streamer!  With guest hosts FragSauce, LostIsTheName, and FeidianJun we’re really excited to bring you a wide variety of opinions.  We encourage all our guests to submit questions via our “Ask A Question” submission form.

Our topics range from streamer challenges to games that folks currently playing!  This month, we’re focusing on some key topics that are of vast interest for our streamers or any streamer that wants to excel on Twitch.  We’ll be chatting about the latest uproars on Twitch, data tracking — understanding your statistics —, gaming conventions — why they are important and what you can get out of them —, and then touching on the latest games out there Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Doom, and Sterallis.

As usual we will have a Q&A towards the end of the show and we’ll be pulling questions from our submission form and LIVE from chat!   We hope to see you all there!


<3 Dani