TLP Titans

LightTitansRed_700x700The Titans started when Leviathan GG came to TLP with an idea. The founder of TLP, Danitsia, and him figured out a way to put together a strong foundation where streamers from all over the world could unite and work together to do something DIFFERENT.  The idea was formed in late August 2015 and we hit the ground running.

We knew we wanted to plan something BIG to officially launch the team.  So behind the scenes we worked tirelessly to not only come up with the idea for the launch but also come up with amazing talent that people want to keep watching!  So Leviathan GG reached to fellow streamer LightItUpDan! He had just recently been partnered and was graciously willing to sign over his stream team to TLP with Twitch granting us the TLP Light Titans stream group on Oct. 1st. We weren’t officially launched yet, however. We still had a lot of work to do!

We actively watched countless of streamers for what seemed like days on end.  From the many we looked at and reviewed, we found 3 more that represented various viewpoints of gaming.  That was important for us.  We wanted to accurately, as possible, represent the gaming community.  So we got InWhat123 to join the team, followed by PoweredByPixels, and finally getting the beautifully talented CamillaKN.  This gave us a great representative of what gamers of today look like.  It’s a great start!

So Danitsia together with these five incredible talented people started putting the idea together of hosting a gaming talk show that focused on multiple games — of varying genres — and what these folks think of those games and in general the state of gaming today.  Our first talk show episode debuted on Nov. 13th and it was more of an introduction to what we’re doing and what we’re about and what we plan on doing with it.  It was also an introduction to TLP — The Last Prophecy — which one of the longest running organization devoted to promoting lasting, life-long friendships between gamers worldwide.  TLP encompasses over 900+ players throughout the world and to date has played almost 30 various MMO’s with more chapter launching what seems to be every month. And it shall continue to grow!

As we look to the end of 2015,  we hope to be able to deliver to our members, our fans, and visitors not only a platform for meaningful, entertaining, content delivery but also looking to launch our GAME SHOP by early 2016, securing partnerships with ASUS, Amazon, YouTube, and working on developing additional partnerships with Razer, Steam, eVGA, and more.