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Steamers Code Of Conduct

Streamer Application

Got questions on setting up your gear, your green screen, your overlays, your alerts, etc. Read through the FAQ’s! Rules of conduct for all our streamers to follow. All streamers from all teams must adhere to these rules. Want to be a professional streamer? Then you have to apply. Please fill in this application below:
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YouTube Video on OBSYouTube Video for MooBotYouTube Video for Greenscreen SetupYouTube Video for Lighting Setup
Code of Conduct PDF Written By Leviathan
Last Updated by Danitsia on 8/20/15
Application for Streamers

Approved Streaming Partners

Software To Use

As a company we’re highly invested in being a Twitch AND YouTube partner! Our streamers can choose from either platform, but most only choose one.

Each offers great features and amazing opportunities for partners. Twitch is owned by Amazon, while YouTube is owned by Google.

XSplit Broadcaster And Gamecaster

Getting started with XSplit is easy! Create a FREE account and download the FREE software. Don’t have an account? Register now and start live streaming in minutes! XSplit is free to use, but if you buy an XSplit subscription you get more features! Get your XSplit Personal or Premium license today and unlock crisp HD broadcasts at high FPS and enjoy a wide range of extra features.

Open Broadcasting Software

Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Available in both a single streaming instance and soon to be released a multiplatform support version. OBS MultiPlatform will eventually support many of the advanced requested features not present in the original OBS, such as multiple stream outputs

Download Xplit Download OBS