overwatch_iconTLP’s Overwatch team is helmed by DemonEyes, as Team Master … which is sort of the same as a Guildmaster would be to an MMO guild.  The team master is responsible for coordinating teams, handling issues, and scouting great talent.  They will hold monthly tryouts for applicants to join our “Bench”, which is where teams pull from to fill in spots for their teams.  From there as team spots become available, the team master facilitates the contracts with each of the team members.  As more bench players are added, the possibility of more teams being formed grows higher and higher.  The team master then can select the Team Leaders for any new teams that are formed.

Team Leaders and Team Members are contractually bound to represent #TeamTLP in all ways — from their streams to the Overwatch Championship Series — usually on a six month roll out.  TLP will support its competitive teams as they climb into Monetized Competitions with social media, core marketing, business management, legal representation, and financial backing for the duration of their roll outs.




Team Leader: RedPanda

A description of the team will be provided shortly.  We’re still looking for a main TANK for this team!  If you think you’d like to take that spot and have logged close to 100 hours of experience, be sure to apply!


Team Leader: Looking For More

A description of the team would appear here. If you think you’d like to become a team leader and have logged over 100 hours to do it, be sure to apply!

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  • The Overwatch League Welcomes Two More Teams! August 10, 2017
    Two new teams have joined the Overwatch League—one representing London and another representing Los Angeles—bringing the total number of teams for the inaugural season to nine. See the press release to learn more about today’s announcement, and stay tuned to www.overwatchleague.com for the latest Overwatch League updates.

  • Seven Overwatch League Teams Announced! July 13, 2017
    We’re pleased to announce that the Overwatch League has its first seven teams—representing Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, Shanghai, and Seoul—with a great mix of owners who come from the worlds of traditional sports, endemic esports, and technology. Check out the press release for all the details, and visit www.overwatchleague.com to stay […]