Overwatch Open Beta Review (PC)

Overwatch is classified as an Multiplayer Online Battle Arena but this honestly will not give you an idea what you are really playing.

The break down for Overwatch: 6vs6 Team objective based game that gives you the ability to swap in and out of heroes at spawn or after a death.

To ensure a team victory players should consider swapping to fill key roles as tank and or Support. These provide a strong base team.
Although tank and support are not always played you could see a victory without them but it would take much more effort and map intelligence
Players should consider different heroes for different maps to fully utilize the full potential of the hero.

Example: Lucio, Pharah, D.VA, Junkrat and Roadhog ect… All have ability to knock or pull a player off the map or capture point.

While in Overwatch you will see different team comps tried and you should do your best to try every hero at least once.

Some Famous comps you will see in the population of quick matches would be:
Reinhardt Bastion putting a wall in front of Bastion makes him harder to kill while he mows your team down .
TorbjÖrn and Bastion putting a turret in front of Bastion makes it harder for him to be sniped and gives him time to adjust.
Many Mei’s this you would think is a joke but multiple Mei’s means you will be frozen faster and can be hard to judge.
Current meta play shows that 2 tracers or 2 Winston’s are very strong( Counters to Winston would be reaper or Mccree).
One that I found super annoying was 2 soldiers and 2 Pharah’s this has the potential to break through any line if played well.

There are many team comps that could be made these are some examples I can’t wait to see what else i find out there.

I suggest a default 4 favorite picks. This will give you an edge on people that only play one hero and think they can just play that hero to win every game.

Important fact for quick match players, Player Level means nothing of the players skill just means play time.
Once Competitive play comes out I’m sure there will be a way to see more on their skill level.

Overwatch offers a skirmish lobby when searching for a game or group where you can test new heroes learn their ability how they work in a team death match style of play; this is currently not an actually game time and is foreseen to most likely not be added but we will see in the future what will happen.
Game types for match play are:

  • Assault : Attackers fight to capture a series of objectives; defenders hold them off until time runs out.
  • Escort :Attackers escort a payload to a delivery point, while defenders strive to keep the payload from reaching its destination before time elapses.
  • Control: Two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time; the first team to win two rounds wins the match.
  • Assault/Escort Attackers first capture a payload, then escort it to its destination; defenders attempt to hold them back.

The current maps are as listed below:


TEMPLE OF ANUBIS                                       HANAMURA                                  VOLSKAYA INDUSTRIES                   WATCHPOINT: GIBRALTAR



DORADO              ROUTE 66                        LIJIANG TOWER                      ILIOS 


NEPAL                                      KING’S ROW                                         NUMBANI                                    HOLLYWOOD

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