TLP Blade and Soul Launches on Master Hong Server

bns-logo-lrgWelcome to all our members that have joined us in our newest chapter, Blade and Soul. TLP-BNS will be focusing on PvE primarily and will develop stronger PvP teams later on the year. Currently, TLP’s Chief Gaming Officer, Cips is GM of the chapter temporarily until Daehawk can get online on the Master Hong server.

We are seeking one more Senior Officer as Panda is functioning in the role of CGM for this chapter. We are also looking to recruit players with Officer experience, especially Recruitment Officers and both PvE and PvP Officers.

Come join us on TeamSpeak and get ready for some fun!


<3 Dani


TLP Albion Online Chapter Launches!

albion_logoTLP officially launches a new chapter in the land of Albion Online, starting with the closed beta! We have opened up recruitment and are actively looking to grow this chapter. Looks like we’ll be starting off with about 10-15 of our currently dormant members plus any members that decide to get in on the action post launch.

On Monday at 7 AM EST the servers will come up and we’ll get to establish our guild and so on. I do not believe that any of the work done in closed beta will carry over into early access, so everyone will be starting from scratch.

There will be a guild meeting to establish our charter and set up our leadership!

Hope to see some of you there. 😉

<3 Dani