TLP New World Prep for Open Beta on 9/9/21

TLP’ers, join us on Saturday, September 4th at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST to review our plans for Open Beta and solidify our efforts along with other allies. We still have our primary plan in place and this is our chance to test it out. Below is a reminder of what we want to try to accomplish. For Open Beta, we will be launching on the HELIOPOLIS server. The server names will more than likely change come launch and we’ll have to revisit.

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Open Beta Coming on September 9th, 2021

Hail all our TLP’ers! We have some great news coming out of GamesCon, which happened yesterday. We will be getting another chance to play New World in an Open Beta coming on September 9th. That means we will be able to test-drive our plan for launch. Hopefully, they do keep all the same server names or at least we get to know for sure that they are not (if they change them). Our plan for launch is written in detail on our Discord server in the #guild-info channel. If you are not part of the Discord server, please join it! We provide a link to it right here on this site!

We will see you on September 9th!

<3 Dani