Challenge: Millionaire’s Row Legacy

Legacy challenges are fun, but quite repetitive.  So, I wanted to add a bit of spice for this new Legacy Challenge.  The object here is to hit MULTI MILLIONAIRE STATUS in as few generations as possible.  What is “Multi Millionaire Status” you ask?  Well I like to call that the 7×9’s — the max amount of money a household can have is 9,999,999 simoleons — 7 times the number of 9’s.  You start with a completely broke Young Adult Sim (either a pre-existing, gallery, or self-created Sim) on a brand new save.  Below are what is allowed and not allowed and certain game play setting requirements.


  • Autonomy = OFF
  • Auto Age (Played Sims) = YES
  • Auto Age (Unplayed Sims) = CHECKED
  • Sim Lifespan = SHORT


  • All default settings.


  • Enable Custom Content and Mods = CHECKED
  • Script Mods Allowed = CHECKED


  • MC Command Center
    • All options available.
  • T.O.O.L. Mod
    • All options available.
  • Smarter Pie Menu: Searchable Interactions
    • All options available.
  • Reward and Trait Potions
  • Reset “stuck” Sims.


  • Cannot use MCCC to control any played Sims that are part of the household of your challenge save.
  • Cannot use MCCC to control any love interests of the played Sims that are part of the household of your challenge save (no editing CAS, etc.)
  • Cannot use any cheats that will add skills, upgrade, or advance objects (like plants, appliances, and similar objects).
  • Increase money cheats of any kind, for any currency.
    • You will be DEDUCTING money throughout this challenge.
  • Trait or Aspiration changes outside of in game means.
  • CAS Modifications to body and muscle types.
  • All Cheats Mods, with the exception set money to DEDUCT money as required.
  1. Start as a single, young adult male or female without story mode.
  2. Choose the Fortune > Fabulously Wealthy aspiration for every generation heir.
  3. Buy the biggest lot in any world.
    • You will not be able to move out of this lot once purchased.
    • Heirs will inherit this lot and cannot move out.
  4. Set your money to ZERO (0).
  5. Use the latest expansion, game, or stuff pack as your only way to make money.
    • If you do not have the latest, use the last one you purchased.
  6. Marry a pre-existing Sims.
    • Cannot inherit their wealth.
    • Spouse cannot hold a job.
    • Spouse can use a craft to earn extra money.
    • Spouse cannot hold the same career/craft as main character.
    • If Spouse dies before main character, the main character can only remarry if they do not have a designated heir.
  7. Main Character must have at least ONE child.
    • If main character has multiple children, the eldest becomes the heir.
    • If twins or triplets, use a wheel picker to randomly select your heir.
  8. Child Rules
    • Children must be upkept as normal.
    • Children cannot hold jobs.
    • Children must move out after graduating high school.
  9. Inheritance
    • Upon the main character’s death, the heir inherits 50% of funds.
    • If the main character’s spouse is still alive, they are moved out with the other 50% of funds.
    • If the main character’s spouse is dead, the heir inherits 50% of funds and must donate the other 50% to charity.
  10. Completion
    • You complete the challenge when you hit that 7×9 mark, meaning you have 9,999,999 simoleons in your household funds.
    • The objective is to make it to the 7×9 mark with the LEAST amount of subsequent generations.