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Name:  Maria Espino
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Career: CEO/Founder of The Last Prophecy
Birthday:  September 21
Summary:   I have been a gamer since the 1980’s, so yeah I am THAT old. I started with Atari and then moved into Nintendo, moving into the realm of MMOs (massively multiplayer online) when the grandfather of all MMO’s was first launched, Ultima Online in 1997 and I never looked back!  I fell in love with online gaming and have dedicated my entire life to creating the wonderful community you see here built with my late husband “Memphisto/Beelzebubba” (aka Luke).  With over 2,200+ members, TLP today has spanned over 50+ games in various different genres from our tried and true MMOs to more popular genres like MOBA (massive online battle arena) and Survival.  We are involved in many different eSports teams around MOBAs and Survival and at one point held the most successful semi-casual raiding guild in World of Warcraft for the North America region.

Personally,  I was born with a genetic illness called Cystic Fibrosis.  It poses quite a few challenges in my life especially as I get older, but I take them all in stride and continue pushing forward.  I live in Phoenix, AZ with the second love of my life “Cips” (aka Jake) and our three kitty cats.

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Learn about this wonderful family headed by the distinguished astrophysicist Alfred Brenner and his amazing rocket-engine creator wife, Rose Brenner.  They have 6 adult children varying in ages from 41 to 19:  Darius, Dahlia, Jamaal, Darian, Jerrod, and Jazmin. Ohhh and their 11 year old dog, Gunner! Learn all about this family and their character bios by clicking on the button below.


Summary description of the Let’s Play.