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CEO/Founder of TLP

I started to take the Sims more seriously in 2018. I love to create stories and 'made for TV' dramas in the Sims! So I thought I'd start putting together those stories into 'Let's Play' series. This is that collection, starting with my first one in April 2020.


Meet the Brenners

Learn about this wonderful family headed by the distinguished astrophysicist Alfred Brenner and his amazing rocket-engine creator wife, Rose Brenner.  They have 6 adult children varying in ages from 41 to 19:  Darius, Dahlia, Jamaal, Darian, Jerrod, and Jazmin. Ohhh and their 11 year old dog, Gunner! Learn all about this family and their character bios by clicking on the button below. 


Meet the Yangs

Bodhi Yang, 28, comes from a long line of island fishermen and conservationists in Sulani. His entire family lives within walking distance of each other as is the custom of his culture.  There he met and fell in love with the beautiful, smart, and ambitious Mei Zhou, 27, who comes from a long line of real-estate moguls in the very distant land of China.  During her month-long vacation to Sulani, she and Bodhi decided they didn’t want their love affair to end.  This young family comes to Tomarang to move away from Bodhi’s family back in their country, where Mei feels very stiffled and controlled.  She longs for the freedom to be able to parent her young children (son Hai, age 7, and son Thao, age 2) on her own and to be able to build her own wealth on her own terms, without the interference or financial dependence of both their families.