Who We Are


The Last Prophecy is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming guild that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online, in October of 1997. With members who have traveled with us for just under 20 years, we’ve traveled through a diverse range of games together. Since the early days of our inception, we’ve worked hard to create a place where gamers of all play styles feel comfortable and accommodated.

Today, The Last Prophecy is much more than just a guild. With a dedicated Stream Team, sponsors, partnerships and affiliations, we’ve broken through the idea of a guild to become one of the longest-standing multi-game communities available today.

In World of Warcraft, our history stands tried and true.  We beta tested the game and on launch day we created our guild on our home shard of Mannoroth/Horde.  Although we went through several iterations of the guild, we eventually found our groove and decided to go for hardcore raiding.

We knew we couldn’t do it all alone, after all coordinating 40 people to not only commit to a schedule but then work together for several hours to down bosses was at that time almost impossible.  Only a handful of guilds could claim to have the capacity to do that on a consistent basis and Molten Core was no joke.  We struggled as even our own members were often behind in gear due to their casual nature to really make it a go.  So Dani came up with an idea!

She thought if she could talk to the leaders of all the major raiding guilds that most, if not all, of them would band together to establish what she called “cooperative raiding”. And so “The Horde Alliance” was born.  Fourteen guilds came together to be part of the raiding cooperative and Dani got to work establishing a ruleset and a cross-guild loot distribution system. Even guilds with established 40 man raiding groups were part of it as well, so that they could fill any missing spots with raiders that were at least somewhat knowledgeable of the fights in Molten Core.  With a and in-game communication channel, a website, forums, and fully functional cross-guild EQDKP system, this raiding cooperative was the very first of its kind in the history of WoW.  And with the release of Blackwing’s Lair and later on Naxxramas, cooperation between guilds was imperative and a needed element of all guilds pushing for the same end goal.

WoW has stood the test of time, and although we’ve taken on many different forms, the members of this guild have remained loyal to TLP and what we stand for since the beta test of this game.  With this relaunch of our WoW chapter,  Danitsia takes the helm once more in an effort to introduce many to what it truly means to be part of a gaming organization that cares for them and sees them as family members, not just guild members.  We’re hoping to unite all our members here on our new home, Bleeding Hollow, and as that happens we also want to find new friends to join us as well.  Are you all in?  If so…  apply today.