Four Bosses Down in HFC, First Night In

Congratulations TLP! You guys rock. 🙂

On our first night in, for some the first time raiding content in WoW ever and for others the first time in 8 years (me included!), we managed to one-shot two bosses, two-shot the last two.  In order we downed Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, and the Hellfire Council.  The sixth boss is rather complex but I think we’ll make progress with it tonight. We did spent a good hour on it last night so I think we’ll get through it tonight.

I think after a second go (next week) in Normal, we can bump it up to Heroic depending on how much gear we farm up out of these instances.  I do know a lot of us are busier in real life than some and are not able to get into the LFRs as much or get into PvP to grind out some PvP gear to put us in the DPS checks for Heroic.  We’ll need folks closer to 700 to try Heroic, but what we could do is farm the first few bosses in Heroic, while still trying to learn the fights from Normal.  We’ll explore that possibility!

I want to specially thank Mortalsins, Danmachi, and Odie for helping to explain the fights for most of these as I was really too green to do the job all alone (Gawd I hate Raid Leading!). Everyone really did so well and I was so happy to have us go in there and synergize the way we did.  Everyone got along great and nothing major stood in our way.  What an amazing night for us as a guild! 🙂

I’ll be getting more screenshots of our guild in action tonight, and see if there are any more screenshots to add but these two are my personal best shots.  Enjoy!


<3 Dani