We have two chapters of this guild; an US-based guild on Bleeding Hollow and an EU-based guild on Twisting Nether.  Nearly four years ago, we received a pass from Blizzard to move one character from US servers to the EU servers to join into top-end raiding guild that became quite famous.  That guild has since decided to change its core style to appeal to the streaming audience more than the raiders.  Our members did not agree with that change and decided to return to TLP.  Now we’re working on getting them back to the US-based servers, but its a slow process.



Guildmaster: DANITSIA
Battle.Net: Danitsia#1306
Email: dani@tlp-guild.com
Skype: mariza092174
 Guildmaster: OCNARIAN
Email: oc@tlp-guild.com
Co-Guildmaster: CIPZ
Battle.Net: Cips#1552
Email: cips@tlp-guild.com
 Guildmaster: ZYLIAH
Email: zy@tlp-guild.com
Co-Guildmaster: {Ocnarian, Post-Move}
{Zyliah, Post-Move}
{Zhou, Post-Move}
 Guildmaster: ZHOU
Email: zhou@tlp-guild.com
Senior Officers: KENNAE
Email: kennae@tlp-guild.com
Senior Officers:
Officers: YASUMOTO
Position:  Class Leader Officer
Email: yasumoto@tlp-guild.com
Class Leaders: DANMACHI
Position: Druid Class Leader
Email: healjob@tlp-guild.com
Class Leaders:
Role Leaders: Role Leaders: OCNARIAN
Tank Leader
Damage Leader
Healer Leader
Raid Leaders: Raid Leaders: OCNARIAN
Team Titan
Team Demi-Gods
Raid Assistants: VITALIZER
Position: Raid Assistant for Team Olympian
Email: ripslayer@tlp-guild.com
Raid Assistants: